A commenter led me to this post on Time Out New York: “Paty’s Tacos, has abandoned her 110th Street perch for tonier digs on the Upper East Side. The truck now occupies real estate on the west side of Lexington Ave between 86th and 87th Streets.“  Hmmm.  It’s not looking good.  Although the phone numbers listed, are the same numbers that weren’t working last week.  I’ll still hold out a little hope of some Midtown taco truck action.


  • Well, I’m sure one of your readers lives on the UES, could see the truck on Lexington, and confirm that this was indeed the truck. They could also lobby for her returning to Midtown.

  • I’m working from home today on the UES. I went by around 12:15 and there was no taco truck to be found. It was a disappointment for today (luckily I could console myself with ramen), but I will certainly be keeping my eyes open for it from now on.

  • Ahh, the idea of a taco truck makes me miss the mexican hat cart on the southwest corner of 50th st and 6th avenue. I moved from the building about 3 years ago, but it was still there last I checked (I don’t see any reference to that location on this site).

  • Adam, that Mexican hat truck (and their styrofoam-box-stuffing “taco salad”) was the source of many a food coma when I worked in the area too!

  • I will be stopping by regularly to get Paty’s Tacos!!! I used to get tacos all the time when they were on 110th (I live on 109th)
    I speak Spanish and will try to convince her to come to midtown (to my benefit) at the very least for lunch!

  • Taco Bell doesn’t have wheels so it can’t move.

  • When it comes to movements Taco Bell is a carrier.

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