Look… Midtown Lunch Now Famous Downtown!?!


Feisty Foodie, an avid ML reader, downtown lunch’er, and our very first Downtown Lunch correspondent, snapped this photo at Rosario’s downtown.  Looks like the Downtown Lunch column Daniel Krieger does for us every Friday has gotten noticed.  The takeover has begun… any other areas you’d like to see Midtown Lunch’ified?  This isn’t the only place in the city (or country for that matter) where crappy salad and fast food places need to be made fun of.  Nominations are currently being accepted in the comments…


  • I thought you’d get a kick out of that! Hehe.

  • Long Island is ripe for the picking (or rife with the less picky if you prefer). No exaggeration, there are 2 Ruby Tuesdays, 2 Wendy’s, a Taco Hut, 3 Dunkin Robbins, a Burger King, 2 MacDonalds, a Pizza Hut (stand alone) an Olive Garden, a White Castle, 3 7-11′s, 3 Friendly’s, an IHOP, an Applebees, a TGIFs, a Bennigans, a Cheesecake Factory, a California Pizza Kitchen all within a 3 mile stretch of Middle Country Road and that’s not counting the mall food court or the Sizzler, the UNO’s or the Taco Hell that closed within the last year.

    Zach, you would starve, the non-chain joints are even worse. My lady and I often compete to say “take a good look because you’ll never see the inside of this place again” first when we try a new non fast food place. We moved here from Astoria 10 years ago and still can’t get over the fact you can order Mickey D’s at the Walmart checkout (oh, make that 3 MCD’s) and there’s a Pizza Hut in both BJ’s and Target.

    Okay, I’ll ‘fess up I have been known to down a slider (or 5) at WC and have inhaled the Fried Mac&Cheese at CF in moments of weakness. Don’t even get me started on bakery and bagels. It’s a wasteland.

  • UES and UWS please. Downtown & Brooklyn get covered plenty, and you blanket Midtown. The UES and UWS are highly neglected.

  • Zach, the Downtown Lunch guest spot was a great idea. But instead of lame areas like Long Island or the UES/UWS – how about thinking outside the box and jumping sideways into the ‘area’ of farmer’s markets, groceries, bodegas and other unusual sources of food – that are located right in midtown! I’m always amazed at how well you can eat for under your limit when you get creative. My disenchantment with the bad overpriced food of Manhattan has led me many times to delve into this underground guerilla dining scene that is almost completely unmined – and yet is hiding in plain sight right in front of us. Why pay $10 for a plate of slop off the steam table when you can hit the bakery and a cheese shop and make an awesome sandwich yourself for less?

    Just a thought…

  • I love that Rosario’s put that up! how cool

    I thought that the East Village is a spot where someone can probably do good reviews.

    Bossman – I feel bad for you on the lunch front. There’s a great Chinese restaurant though in NHP that I go to when I visit my granny. I forget the name but it’s actually one of the best chinese restaurants I’ve ever been to.

  • I just movved jobs from midtown to the west village. While there is a plethora of great food to be had in the west village, the prices are less than appetizing. Any one have any suggestions?

  • I’m a reverse commuter to Westchester county, and I take the train so am on foot. I don’t actually think there is anything at all you or anyone else can do to help me. But I’m keen on your blog, and wish you’d had it when I worked in midtown-temp-land back in the mid-1990s!

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