The NY Post Can Toss My Salad Anytime

There is an actual article in this morning’s NY Post about (and this is a direct quote) “the cutthroat world of the tossed-to-order salad, which has replaced the three-martini lunch as the [Midtown] office worker’s mealtime measure of status and self-worth.” It goes on to explain what your lunchtime salad choices (Chop’t vs. Cafe Duke; Pre Made vs. Pick Your Own) say about you as a worker/human being. I don’t know why they didn’t interview me- I could have pinpointed exactly what eating at these salad places┬ásays about the world we live in… it says that this anti-salad-website is doing god’s work. (Although I have to admit the “Po’Boy Salad” at Chop’t does sound intriguing.)


  • “(Although I have to admit the “Po’Boy Salad” at Chop’t does sound intriguing.)”

    Fight the urge, Zach… fight the urge…

  • BWAHAHAHAHA – legendary header, Zach. But you should have copied the old Daily News Ford headline:

    Zach to Post: Toss My Salad

    (and make sure they give you a Rusty Trombone while they’re
    at it…)

  • *shudder* Wayne, the sheer imagery gives me nightmares. No offense Zach, just things I don’t need to think about at 10:30 am while eating my bagel. Oh crap. Boo…

  • I, for one, still indulge in three (sometimes four) martini lunches. It’s what gets me through the afternoon.

  • the po’ boy salad is actually pretty good, not that I like that kind of thing of course

  • “You can’t make friends with salad”

  • We tried chopt the other day for the first time and I have to say it was frightening experience.

  • I’ll admit that I eat salad from both Chopt and Just Salads on a pretty regular basis for health reasons mostly. Yes they are over priced and yes you feel a bit douche’ish sometimes waiting in line but there are some good salads at both. Po Boy salad at Chopt is excellent and the furthest thing from being healthy. Nice cutlets of fried chicken, some other not so healthy ingredients including the heavy dressing. Also there is a salad at Chopt that uses chicken and tortilla strips with jalepeno jack cheese and a smoky chipotle vinegrette. Both salads are very good. My go to at Just Salads is the turkey club salad pretty healthy. They used to have a steak and egg salad that was really good but they took it off the menu – maybe it didn’t have a huge fan base and was not appropriately priced given I thought it was a good deal.

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