At Lunch Now: More frogurt hits Midtown

The popular Frogurt (which is available at 40 Carrots inside
Bloomingdales) is now available at generic deli Printon 56 (on 56th btw.
5+6th). They’re also giving away free samples outside (although I wont
guarantee they’ll be doing that all day.)


  • Their “Plain” honestly tastes like frozen Philadelphia cream cheese… =(

    Went in expecting a “pinkberry” type froyo…utterly disappointed

  • Can we all admit that froyo has jumped the shark and move on? Every day there is a new story on NY food blogs about froyo this and froyo that…most of these places have products that suck.

  • Printon 56 is the most expensive midtown deli I’ve ever been in & I hate them so much.

  • I think that Printon 56 and Froguurt is amazing

  • I eat at Printon 56 everyday and love it. The brand is called FROGURT notfroyo. Try the coffee it is great

  • Just tried the sample at lunch today. Its pretty good – a lot sweeter than Pinkberry, and not as thick

  • How much? Bloomingdales charges 4.88 for their small size basic Frogurt, probably about 8 oz

  • Printon small is $4.50 but starting tomarrow they will carry a smaller 5 oz. cup for $350

  • man, i just wrote about this fro-yo knockoff chain fixin to molest sunnyside too:
    (click my name to link to the blog)

    it’s true, these shops pop up everywhere. always skeptical about the chemical content, can’t say i was ever super impressed with pinkberry’s fruit and granola gimmick either. i just don’t get the appeal?

  • Come on people.

    Yogurt is for dumping all over a lamb gyro; not for freezing (or fro-ing).

    How the hell is one supposed to keep lunch under ten beans whilst dropping a handsome Lincoln on froyo?

  • Origanal Frogurt…same as Bloomies @ ZEST cafe’–41st & Broadway… BONUS—best thin crust pizza by the pound in NYC..

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