Rickshaw Dumpling Truck Coming to Midtown

Eater has the totally unconfirmed rumor/scoop overheard in some restaurant that the Rickshaw Dumpling Bar (with two locations in lower Manhattan) is planning on dispatching a truck to Midtown.  While I admit that RDB is no [insert favorite 5 for $1.25 Chinatown Dumpling place here], Midtown is a very dumpling starved part of town, and that truck will be welcomed with open arms.  [Eater]


  • Shouldn’t that be a Rickshaw dumpling rickshaw? Instead of a truck? To tie in to the theme, y’know.

  • Went to the Rickshaw on 23rd once, and found it totally vile…and super pricey. The vegetarian dumplings my g/f had were gross, as were the peking duck dumplings that I had ordered. The watermelon juice, one of their signatures, while deceivingly refreshing looking, made me want to gag. I literally threw out my food and drink and grabbed a hot dog from one of the street vendors on the corner of 23rd and 6th. Just my 2 cents as a newbie to the site.

  • Granted the we are dumpling starved, but are they good? I always pass by on 23rd and say “Look, Rickshaw” and keep walking. There’s only one eatery on 23rd for me and that’s the shack.

  • In answer to Blondie above–GOD NO!

  • I also ate there and did not like it at all. I had the thai chicken dumplings and my boyfriend had the shirmp dumplings. Both had too much fillers. If I didn’t order it, I would know my dumplings are supposed to have chicken in it. I wouldn’t recommend it. However, a friend of mine did recommend that the pork dumplings are good.

  • rickshaw (on 23rd) is terrible and overpriced. they’re dumplings offer nothing to compare to the five for a dollar ones in the bowery. in fact, those are probably fresher than rickshaws.

  • The food at Rickshaw is really good – fresh, tasty, organic. You can’t get gourmet dumplings anywhere else. Chinatown? Yeah, take the subway, walk 10 blocks, pay your buck and have fun with the cockroaches.

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