In the comments re: Milant, which was closed by the DOH on Friday. “Just went to the newly re-opened Milant: line out the door. I love seeing the community rally behind a great place like that. Though, I’ve never gotten offered any cheese crunchies.  Sidenote: I find the comment shilling for Cafe Trends hilarious. Do you think the gross misspellings are intentional?”


  • I LIKE TO WRITE MY COMMENTS IN ALL CAPS!!!! and end it with

  • I get my own post!

  • i can’t believe they set you up, mamacita! that’s seriously out of line.

    on the bright side, it’s testament to the power of zach’s institution! i vote you ban/block all shillers, henceforth!!

  • As for the misspellings, I’m pretty sure the owner of Cafe Trends is a LOLCAT.

  • I doubt the owner of Cafe Trend being an “LOL”-anything given how crabby the employees always seem to look when I walk past.

  • 10 points to both Mamacita and Chip Beef. Jokez you has them.

  • Ceiling cat is watching u shill on Zack’s board

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