Spice Fusion Unveils Kati Rolls at Taste of Times Square

I turns out the Taste of Times Square was good for something other than taking my aggression out on tourists eating riblets from Applebees.

Taste of Times Square

Spice Fusion, my favorite all you can eat Indian Buffet in Midtown (despite the fact that they raised their price to $10.99) was serving kati rolls at the Taste of Times Square yesterday- the latest addition to their menu. Available at lunchtime to go, or to stay, they only had chicken tikka rolls at the festival, but assured me that at the restaurant they also had vegetarian, lamb, and paneer. For $2, how could i not…

Taste of Times Square

Not as good as most of the kati roll options in Midtown, but it was at a street fair- so it’s not really fair to judge. I’ll check them out fresh at the restaurant, and report back.

As for the rest of the Taste of Times Square, it was pretty much the same as last year (27 versions of baked ziti and all). Need to see more photos? Check out this post by Janine (who didn’t even bother eating anything, it was that good).

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