Warning: Taste of Times Square today at 5pm


46th Street between Broadway and 9th Ave. will be extra annoying today starting at 5pm, when tourists and hardcore food festival addicts will congregate for the Taste of Times Square.  I have conflicting emotions every year for this event.  Food festival = good.  Food festival where Applebees is one of the participants = not as good.  Last year, there were a few gems hidden among the over priced and touristy duds, and while this year promises much of the same, it could merit a quick walk through after work.

Partipating places that we love: Spice Fusion, Utsav, & Toloache.  Partipating places that may not suck: Chop Suey and the Bourbon St. Bar & Grill.  Plus I was pretty happy with my choices last year from Virgil’s, St. Andrews & Le Rivage, who will all be returning as well.  I’m assuming they’ll be doing the whole “buy tickets from a booth and then exchange those tickets for food” nonsense, which normally would require doing a full walk through before committing to a certain number of tickets.  Unfortunately, my threshold for pushing over tourists on Restaurant Row is pretty low, so I’ll probably just end up buying $10 worth of tickets and taking my chances. Also, if you live or work in the Times Square area, you may be eligible for free food tickets (although some hoop jumping through is required.)  For more info, visit their website

If you decide to go, I’ll see you there!  (I’ll be the fat guy scowling at everyone in the Applebees line.)

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  • Oh joy!!!!!

    Missed it.

  • Even if quality food is involved (like the Madison Park BBQ one) the heinous lines and expense outweigh any small benefits. Would love to know the last time you heard the line “Wow, I really loved that street fair” from anyone who wasn’t a tourist or a rube. Street fairs are about as appealing as riding an un-air-conditioned L train with the guys from the W4 St basketball courts after they finish practice on a 100F day.

  • How was the trip Rudy? Did you make it to your laser hair removal appointment? ;-)

  • Was lovely Mamacita.Sadly on one day in Manhattan so couldnt justify the queue at shakeshack, so did 5 guys instead.

  • Did you just pick any five guys from the line to do or did you hold a raffle?

    I figured that was more the style of Mamacita

    or CockChug

  • Watch your mouth Wayne, or you’ll be on my list along with Superdork.

  • No offense Mamacita – think of it as high praise of your prodigious heterosexuality and appetite

    Men and food are but snacks to you, to be enjoyed and the wrapping discarded

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