Shuttered Kati Roll & Le Croissant Cafe to Become…?

When places in Midtown close, I go through a wide range of emotions.  If it’s a place I like, it’s a bummer, if it’s a generic Midtown Deli, I don’t mind as much.  Either way, my feelings are quickly replaced with anticipation.  What’s moving in?  What’s next?  What are we gettin’?  Is Baja Fresh/In N Out/Panda Express finally going to answer my calls!?!  Unfortunately, there is pretty disappointing news on two empty lots in the Midtown Lunch’ing landscape…

Formerly Kati Roll

The space formerly occupied by Kati Roll on 46th btw. 6+7th (before they moved to 39th St.) is finally getting a tenant.  A “kitchen man” showed up yesterday, and it would appear as if the place is being gutted.  They were pretty hush hush about what was moving in, except to say it was a “reputable restaurant” with “American fare” switching spots from their current location in Midtown.  In other words… nothing new- and more importantly, definitely not a Midtown Lunch.

At least it’s food- sad news from the shuttered Le Croissant Shop, after the jump…

Formerly Croissant Shop

Great.  Mexican food, in the back of a bakery, replaced with another cell phone dealer.  Just what we need on 6th Ave. in the 30s.  Lame.

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