At Lunch Now: Free Cake Edition

As promised, the Pillsbury Doughboy is indeed on Park Ave. btw 50+51st
handing out free pieces of cake as part of a “Campaign For a Sweeter
America.” He even has a secret service man protecting him (cute touch,
nameless marketing firm who was probably paid millions to come up with
this stupid idea.)

That’s the good news. The bad news… the “free cake” (and brownies) is
made from Pillsbury boxed cake mix, and more importantly, is not in the
shape of a giant map of the U.S. I still ate it though… (is being
addicted to free food promotions a valid disease?)


  • If it is, does that mean I can take off work for 2 hours to go up there, get free cake, and come back to work? lol. I think we should compare notes. I am addicted to free stuff in general.

    PS Boxed mixes is just about the only way to get me near dough/to bake.

  • It’s over between me and doughboy. He couldn’t handle the heat and went AWOL before 1.

  • This is too funny you mention this, Zach. A friend of mine got a temp job “campaigning” for the Brownies all day. He was trying to drum up support for it or something…like a mock presidential race involving desserts…I then made him go to Kati roll when we met for lunch. :)

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