Taj Delhi Chat Joins Newsstand Indian on 6th Ave.

More changes are in the works at the (former) newsstand on 6th Ave. btw. 37+38th.  Just to give you a quick recap…  Full blown walk-in Midtown newsstand decides to start selling Gujarati Indian food out of a steam table in the back of the store.  Food gets so popular, they decide to get rid of the magazines.  The Blimpie next door, which also served spanish food, closes; spanish food joins vegetarian Indian food inside the newsstand with no newspapers (along with a generic deli sandwich counter that had been there all along).

Which brings us to the  newest round of changes.  The sandwich counter is now gone, leaving a big gap between the vegetarian Gujarati food on the left, and the decidedly not vegetarian latin food on the right. Add to that the new ”Taj Delhi Chat”, which opened just to the right of the store’s front door, and you’ve got full fledged craziness!  Run by the sister of the guy who runs the Gujarati table in the back (which I consider to be some of the best Indian food in Midtown), the menu features over 30 different kinds of chaat (or small plates of Indian snacks), including various types of puri (fried, fluffy Indian bread) and pakodas (pakoras?).  $4.99 from Noon to 4pm, $6.99 after 4pm.

Check out the menu, plus a few other bits of news, after the jump…

Click on the menu to see a larger image

The menu is pretty intimidating to anybody not entirely familiar with chaat, but there are a few things that jumped out at me, like “Bread Sandwich Pakoda” (???) and carrot halwa, an amazing dessert I had for the first time at Spice Fusion, and loved.  And as if that wasn’t enough… in an effort to put more distance between meat and veg, there is also word that next week the Gujarati steam table in the back will join “Taj Delhi Chat” in the front of the store. 

The new chaat counter isn’t totally up and running yet with the full menu, but they are slowly getting there, and if it’s half as good as the food in the back, they should be alright.  Early adopters, let us know what you think in the comments, and then I’ll post a follow up once they’re 100% up and running…

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  • I noticed the chaat signs in the window for the first time today, and dragged my coworker over with me to look while we were on our way to get our (first of the day) last free wed. starbucks coffee. I cursed the fact that I brought my lunch in today (but, then again, chaat is a snack, right?).

  • So the chaat isn’t vegetarian but the food in the back still is ?

  • Holy holy cow. I’m eating a #1 – Rupa’s special – and had them throw in a veggie cutlet (for an extra dollar). I honestly don’t know the names of anything in this plate, but it is all spicy, crunchy goodness. Rupa lets you sample a few bites as she mixes it up, so you can make it as spicy as you can handle… Heaven. I’ve already decided this is my go to place for, cough my MIDDAY SNACK for the next month or so, however long it takes me to try every plate. VIVE chaat!

  • I must reiterate that I will under NO CIRCUMSTANCES patronize an establishment displaying signage with spelling and grammar errors.

    That itself displays a shocking lack of attention to even basic details.

    Lord knows what cavalier shortcuts they must take with their food.

  • Kinda like the shortcut you took with your name, CockChug

  • I just wish I could find a way to get DocChuck to refuse to patronize _me_. Especially when he has that malaysian diahrrea. Can someone loan me some signage advertising my “phool opin lipz”? Me love you long time for it. Thanks

  • So, I totally caved. (Actually, I began plotting my day as soon as I saw the sign this morning, then logged on to find this post.) Ate my not insubstantial lunch from home at noon, and had room for a snack (chaat #3, veg. cutlets) around 2pm. I’m a big fan of the predominant flavors from the sauces–mint, cilantro–and I love chickpeas, fried things, and spicy foods, so this was just about perfect. I may have to go back tomorrow….

  • I’ve had Indus Express several times, and Taj Delhi once. I thought Indus Express a little better, but Taj Delhi is 8 blocks closer for me. Both are rad. I’m going back to Taj Delhi for the 2nd day in a row today to try a new chat. I had the Rupa’s special yesterday. Made me sweat!

  • and what signage error are you referring to?

  • Just went here from 45th and Park, and is incredible (though too spicy for me – I am very mild on spice).

  • My dearest Adam:

    Perhaps you were dropped upon your head at delivery or maybe you’ve just ingested too much unidentified animal matter sold from filthy vendor’s carts.

    Either way, ’tis a shame.

  • Adam, the word “coffe” is missing an e

    and CockChug is missing civility, charisma and testicles

    (not necessarily in that order)

  • I think all the dirty sanchez’s he has had me administer to him over many years (if that sort of thing electrifies you) have addled his thinking processes more than a bit.

    Perhaps I could make it up to you all with free inner thigh or nasal hair plucking for you and/or your household pet? Paris Hilton comes in for these all the time, and she is such a good customer that when she tries of her newest pup, I arrange a good home for the animal with a nice korean family.

  • “…when she tires of…”

    dearest me, I mis-spelled a word. The good doctor will be along to administer discipline to me shortly.

  • Wow – so I posted above.

    I went with a co-worked of mine.

    I am so ill! I’ve been bloated and dizzy since several hours after ingesting.

    Unfortunately I will not be coming again.

  • Big News-

    Newsstand Indian has added non-veg options (mostly $7). Biryani, Chicken Mahkhani, etc.

    And they’ve added a middle-eastern section. Its not particularly good, but its there.

    Its quite possibly the most overwhelming lunch stand I’ve ever seen.

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