Midtown PSA: Beware the Lunchtime Purse Snatcher


  • The few times I’ve been to Cafe Duke, I was pickpocketed every time… only it was by the cashier.

  • this is why i always lock my purse in my office & take put my debit card, cash and ID in the little plastic sleeve of my parliaments. it might not scream class (whispers it?) but i have everything i need in an inconspicuous little packet. Hopefully this snatcher doesn’t like the sweet delicious tobaccy.

  • Is that two employees giving away samples in that pic?
    I’m hungry.

  • Good enough reason never to hang your bag on the back of your chair. I always keep mine on the floor between my feet. If anyone tried to grab, they’d be up for a swift kick in the nuts. :)

  • Yet another reason to NOT embark on a life of crime!!!

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