Midtown PSA: Don’t Eat Lunch Today!

Asking me to not eat lunch out for a day, is like asking a Doctor to stop saving lives.  (People depend on me in a way, right?)  It feels weird posting something to this site about skipping lunch, but it’s for a good cause, so I guess Midtown Lunch can skip a day of eating out.  Today is City Harvest’s “Skip Lunch, Fight Hunger” day, and they’re asking individuals to donate what they would normally spend on lunch, to help feed New York City’s hungry kids and their families.  With the amount of money you would spend on a Midtown Lunch ($10), they can help feed two children for a month.  And if you didn’t bring a bagged lunch, or can’t skip lunch entirely (I know I usually pass out if I’m not lunch’ing by 12:15), get two slices of $1 pizza, and give the other $8 to City Harvest. 

For more info, or to donate money, go to http://www.cityharvest.org/skiplunch/

[Via Gothamist]


  • Zen Burger vouchers.

    So Cruel.

  • City Harvest is having a hard time this year with demand up and the cost of food up, but donations of food and money down. They do good work helping people who need basic sustenance.

    So how about a compromise.

    Go ahead and have lunch. Whatever you want. Then, at the end of the week, add up what you spent on lunch and send a check to City Harvest in that amount.

    I’ll do it. Who will join me?

  • yeah, i’m not skipping lunch today. that’s be torture, this temple of a body deserves better. they’re a good force in the city, so they’ve got my donation… just not my bahn mi.

  • DocChuck’s wife is donating 2 chihuahuas to the cause.

  • Rudy, how do you feel about not being ML’s most controversial commenter anymore?

  • Im Damn near vegetarianism with worry about it all Sarah.

    Gay Superman may have to be the new blog for my grumpy meanderings.

  • Rudy will always be the top grumpy meanderer in MY heart.

    And I completely accidentally skipped lunch today.

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