Indus Express Introduces All You Can Eat Special

Indus Express

In the comments today about Indus Express, the fairly new Indian “Deli” on 48th btw. 5+6th:

Zach – you missed the really ass-kicking deal at Indus Express. At the front of their store they have a sign for “All you can eat buffet.” Last night my friend and I inquired, and to our great joy, the buffet consists of ALL of their meat and veggie curries, PLUS naan, for $8.99 (it’s not a self serve buffet, but who freaking cares). The guy who seemed to run the place said that deal was available anytime, any day. Service was great, food was excellent, and the price really is phenomenal for what you’re getting. And I didn’t even make it to the chaat or the naan-rolls yet…

I managed to contain my excitement enough to call up Indus Express and confirm that they do have an $8.99 buffet special, but it is only M-F after 4pm, and all day on the weekends.  Eat in only (obviously) and you’re allowed to take as much as you want from the steam table (including pakoras and samosas).  I’m bummed that it’s not for lunch, but still a great deal if you need a big (but cheap) dinner after work, or you’re stuck in the office on the weekends.

Indus Express, 48 W. 48th St. (btw. 5+6th), 212-221-7952

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  • This highlight why my wife and I will NEVER eat at a luncheonette(restaurant, that is).

    Frankly, I think that people who patronize luncheonette restaurants (especially so-called Indian buffet restaurants) are gambling with their health.

    And my wife (proprietress of a successful laser hair removal facility and licensed practical nurse) totally agrees with me.

    I have a PhD, by the way. Should that be of interest to any of you.

  • I am the “so called Indian” who posted the original comment. Should it be of any interest to you, I went to a top 10 university, a top 20 law school, and am a practicing litigator. I am also a vegetarian. I do not gamble with my health, and I do not appreciate your gramatically-incorrect insinuations.

    On behalf of those of us who patronize “luncheonette restaurants,” we are eternally grateful that we will never meet you or your wife at those establishments.

  • Looks like CockChug is going to get shanked before he can die of Alzheimers in his germ-free bubble

  • I vote for DocChuck as next week’s Luncher Profile. I can only imagine the wisdom he must have – after all he must have quite an educational background to go on touting his PhD.

  • I am a lifeless plastic blow up doll, and I have no degrees of any kind, if that sort of thing excites you. I do have hair on my head due to all the sweepings saved from his wife’s dog grooming business, though. I wish I could find some way to get DocChuck to stop patronizing me. Maybe if I sprayed on some massaman curry sauce in place of the usual Estee Lauder knockoff? Or I could wear naan in my hair like a beret.

  • Chucky met Mrs Chucky on the set of Deliverance.

  • It’s like one big bickering family <3

  • I am a man of pedigree and fine breeding, with academic credentials that are the envy of any normal person. I trace my ancestry to The Mayflower; my young and vibrant wife is an esteemed member of the daughters of the American Revolution (a chapter officer, if that interests you).

    You may be unable to grasp the tastes of a truly sophisticated gentleman or you may simply be envious of my many blessings.

    At any rate, I am looking forward to meeting many of you at Volstead’s free lunch on Tuesday.

    Please feel free to review a rather brief but informative curriculum vitae I put together:

  • Mayflower my arse.

  • wow dude. get over yourself.

  • Just remember to turn over every 12 hours DocChuck, so you don’t develop bedsores. Remember how they festered and stunk up the room last time? I’ll reposition the keyboard and monitor for you so that you can keep pestering these nice Midtown people while on your belly.

  • Thanks for posting about this deal! Definitely good to know.

  • Cockchug, you forgot to mention Liberace, hairdressing, show tunes and pillow biting on your CV.

  • @DocChuck — this is a blog about food, and midtown …no one give’s a rats ass that your wife is “proprietress of a successful laser hair removal facility and licensed practical nurse” and you have a PhD or you descended from Mayflower’s arse…
    sheesh, how do you live with yourself? Do you normally go about parading your huge ego and blowing your own horn in totally unrelated conversations?

  • You forgot the part about me butchering dogs and cats to sell the meat to asian restaurants in the Midtown area

  • Ok everyone. If you haven’t caught on, DocChuck is just pulling our leg guys. It’s a joke. I also love Rudy’s replies, he’s hilarious.

  • With all due respect (a mere modicum at that), I must tell you that your “observation” about me is both inaccurate and insulting.

    Your life may be a joke, but MINE certainly is not.

  • DocChuck is a very serious man of sophistication, HE DOES NOT JOKE!

  • You want me to bite their balls off, DocChuck?

  • Maybe DocChuck’s wife can sell them to the restaurants in their fine retirement community?

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