Got this email request today: “Subway has been doing a $5 footlong promotion for a while now… and [now Quiznos] too, are selling foot long sandwiches for $5! I know that you are not a fan of chain ANYTHING, but I was curious to see if maybe you could do a comparison and let us know which sandwich you preferred.” Uh… I think I’ll pass.  But if anybody else wants to weigh in, feel free to do so in the comments.


  • I think I’d rather eat off the floor in Hing Won than try a 5 dolla foot loooong from either spot. Call me spoiled but unless I’m going to eat a sandwich on good bread, I’m talking Brooklyn bread or something other comparable, I won’t bother picking up a sandwich. There’s just something sacrilegious to me eating Subway’s microwave baked bread.

  • Sure thing Zach – Subway vs. Quizznos is like a catshit sub vs. a dogshit sub. While the catshit sub gets a nice texture from the fur bits, the dogshit sub wins on the subtle smoothness of processed horsemeat. Since they come from nice clean non-adventurous chain places, I betcha CockChug likes both!

  • I have a confession:
    I actually eat at subway on occasion… Why!? you ask, or more likely “retch!” is what you are thinking. To actually add something of value to this comment:

    Subway, for what it is. isn’t all that bad. true it is the epitome of manufactured food, with tastes just bland enough to run straight down the middle unable to offend anyone, which to some is downright offensive. I was originally attracted to their relatively low calorie counts on their sandwiches, my favorite sandwich is the cold cut combo because I have a serious soft spot of bologna. What makes the subway sandwich good though, is the unlimited combinations of vegetables you can put on it, and those vegetables are usually pretty fresh, you can put the equivalent of a small side salad into your sandwich for no extra cost. A subway sandwich is something I would get if i was feeling particularly guilty after polishing off an entire GOGO curry grand slam the day before. otherwise I wouldn’t normally go here.

    As for quiznos? I have never been, but I cant imagine one could really be care enough to go out of their way for one chain over the other in terms of taste.

  • But we live in NY, where for the most part Boar’s Head reigns supreme when it comes to deli lunch meats. Heck, you’ll even see some Deitz and Watson on some counters, going from quality like BH, or a decent store brandish quality D&W, subway has such a drop in quality for their lunch meat. Oscar Meyer’s supermarket water turkey n water ham presliced meat pkgs are much better than Subway or Quizno’s.
    I will agree with you Al though that since I know people who eat subway, the fresh veggies are prob their strongest quality that they offer.

    In the end however, to each their own I guess. Like I said I’m stubborn and would rather skip a meal than eat Subway for lunch, 5…. 5 dolla foot looooong or not. :)

    p.s. I felt guilty about eating a Chicken/PorkKatsu and sausage Large plate from GGC yesterday. It WAS going to be lunch for 2 days but it was to good to stop eating while it was hot. Damn curry, it’s so good when it touches the lips.

  • Being from Upstate I have to say I think the Subway deal is great. For $5 I think you get more than enough value from a footlong sub. It’s a quick remedy for making a sandwich at home and probably cheaper if you load up on all the meat, veggies, cheese and whatever dressings you like. Also, at the price its really, really easy to keep the calorie count very low compared to the amount of food you get, just stay away from the fatty dressings and cheese if you can.

    Clearly I’d rather have Boar’s Head any day of the week over Subway but if I’m in a hurry and I want a lot of food without a lot of calories real quick I’ll hit up Subway. I definitely got my fair share out of this $5 promotion and I haven’t been there in over a week now, mostly due to the same bland taste over and over again but it was good while it lasted.

  • I like both places.

    Subway = more veggies/choices (as many have already noted), but cheap “Sandwich Artists” f*ck you all the time and negate the advantage

    Quiznos = more meat, better bread and a pepper bar

    Verdict – Hands down Q’nos…but who the hell wants to eat boring ass Turkey and Ham sandwiches all week anyway?

  • Every sub I’ve had at Subway has been skimpy/miserly with respect to quantity, and the hot sub ingredients are totally preprocessed. OTOH, Quiznos subs I’ve had are pretty tasty and definitely heftier, with better bread and better flavor combinations.

    Why all the hate for the Q? Their subs are tastier than the generic ones I’ve had at various delis around town, although maybe a tad pricier too.

  • The flatbread they use at Quiznos for the salads is really yummy. I get a salad there now and then and haven’t yet had cause for complaint.

    I’ve had sandwiches from Subway before and they are always put together in a sloppy way, a mess. That turned me off from getting sandwiches anywhere but real delis, where sloppy, when you get it, is a-okay.

  • i sometimes get a 6″ veggie d from subway, and although the $5 footer looks good on paper, practically speaking, eating the entire thing would be gluttonous and saving half for another cost-effective meal would be lame considering the sog factor. i’ve had quiznos once or twice with no complaint… the grill texture upped the taste quality, for me. i do kinda feel like the $5 deals are just shit slinging, though… just say BAHN MI!

  •, am i the only one who enjoys eating subway sandwich? I absolutely love the honey oat bread. It’s semi sweet and i just enjoy it. I also like getting dessert afterwards at 40 carrot located in Bloomingdales. There Frozen yougart is delish!

  • Being vegetarian i like Subway over Quiznos. The Vegetarian Sandwich from Quiznos manages to slop on some pretty nasty stuff on there that makes you wanna take a 5 hour nap. Subway’s is more like a salad sandwich which i fucking love.

  • The veggie delight is AMAZING. I am partial to the honey oat bread, tons of veggies and the sweet onion dressing. Remember the veg. toppings are UNLIMITED and if those “sandwich artists” dont give you enough green peppers or whatever, you just say more please, yes still more, yes more please until your sandwich is a respectable size. The only thing they can charge you extra for is more meat and cheese so go crazy with the veg toppings.

    And sorry Shauna I eat the footlong. The 6 inch is child’s play.

  • I gotta vote for Subway, and my favorite is the Oven Toasted Spicy Italian on Italian Herb & Cheese bread. I like lite lettuce and tomato, onion, extra olive, pickles, banana peppers, sweet peppers, and Red Wine Vinegarette dressing.

    Quiznos is ok, but they really don’t like it when you ask them to modify how they make the sandwich. I like havin’ it my way.

  • That sandwich looks like a great deal of intestinal trouble. And my wife agrees with me.

    I came down with a rather debilitating bout of salmonella poisoning last year. We kept no filthy turtles in our home, though I did have a rather impressive collection of anoles (which I named after Food Network personalities), as well as my beloved housecat, Mr. Wiggles.

    My doctor ruled out Mr. Wiggles and told me that the cause was likely the anoles, my daily sunny-side up egg or the never-ending salad bowl at the Olive Garden, which I used to patronize several times a week.

    After what I went through (I will not get into the details here), I humanely disposed of the anoles and vowed never to eat eggs or restaurant salads again.

  • So I did it.

    I got to work this morning and immediately left to walk 2 doors over to Goodburger. I got their “Steak and Egg” asked for cheese and bacon… they forgot both…. yeah I was shocked too.
    It wasn’t nearly as good as I hoped it would be.

    Potato’s? Bland.
    Burger? Bland.
    Egg? perfectly cooked slightly runny.
    It needed lots of salt and pepper as it was all bland bland bland.

    Anyone who decides to indulge this early in the morning I suggest you add a salted meat to this mix, Ham, turkey bacon or regular bacon should add just enough salty goodness to offset it’s overall blandness.

  • I got deathly ill from eating a Black Forest ham sandwich at subway. I haven’t been able to bring myself back there since (over 3 months ago). Which is too bad really, as they just opened a new subway right across from my apartment building.

  • I have a similar experience: I used to enjoy on occasion the cold cut trio, the low end model of the subway sandwich until one day the sub led to three days of puking. I have not been able to think about a subway sandwich since without my gag reflexes acting up. That was 3 years ago.

  • I actually think subway is great. I mean they have freshly baked bread. Quiznos do not have fresh bread. They buy their bread frozen and thaw it out and serve it. Subway already have their meat cut and ready. Quiznos buy meat by the bulk and slice it ( too much work) 5 dollar footlong thats great and cheap. I love the veggie max is the best sandwich. I get to make my sub my way at subway. where at quiznos they just put sloppy veggies and that’s all. Go Subway.

  • fuck yae subway!!!!!!!duh bomb man

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