MISSING LINK (Chick-Fil-A Edition)

Ooops… how could I forget to post this gem! Adam Kuban (possibly after being inspired by our post?) does a side by side comparison of Chick Fil A’s Chicken Sandwich and the new McDonald’s Southern Style Chicken Sandwich on Serious Eats.  Beware though- there are photos of uncovered breasts on the other end of that link.


  • As I said in my review, it’s not perfect, but if you are looking for that “taste”, it isn’t a bad substitute. No doubt, the boys at Mickey D’s spent some of their cashola to get this right, and they did a decent job.

    It still ain’t no chick-fil-a :)

  • I JUST had a spicy chicken sandwich from Chick Fil A for the first time ever this weekend in MD. I was thoroughly impressed and would not even compare it to McDonald’s…

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