Airing of Grievances: Carvel is no Ben & Jerry’s

I don’t want you to take all that pent up anger into the weekend, so every week I provide a space for people to complain about stuff.  (Eater Complaints Dept., your royalty check is in the mail).  Again this week, the complaint revolves around something that was supposed to be free.  Isn’t it funny how so many of these are about free food?  In some ways it doesn’t make any sense. I mean it’s free… what’s there to complain about?  But on the other hand, nobody likes being screwed out of what has rightfully been promised to them by well paid public relations companies.  A lot of free ice cream was given out this week.  And yet one company, may have done more harm then good…

I’m a regular reader of Midtown Lunch and I wanted to let you know that Carvel’s promotion today for free arctic and coffee blenders was a complete scam. I went to the only 2 Carvel stores in Midtown and was told at both locations that they were not giving away anything today. Actually, the douchebag working in Times Square didn’t even have the decency to say anything to me. When I asked him about the promotion he wagged his finger at me and then moved on to the next customer with no further acknowledgment or apology. The two bumbling idiots working in Penn Station claimed that they were not giving away any of the frozen drinks because they didn’t have any of the ingredients for them. I don’t know what’s going over there at Carvel but they better get their act straight or they’ll be a relic of the good ol’ days in the not too distant future. Ben & Jerry’s and Baskin Robbins pulled off their promotions without a hitch and probably won a lot of customers in the process. Carvel’s antics will only drive more customers to their clearly more competent (and honest) competitors. Sorry for the rant. I just wanted to let you know so that perhaps you could inform our fellow Midtown Lunchers of Carvel’s deceitful sales tactics.

You would think that a company that could figure out how to mold ice cream into the shape of a killer whale would be able to handle a free milkshake promotion.  Got your own grievance to air?  Email it to


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