From the Midtown Lunch Inbox… “There is a new mysterious foodcart right beside the roti cart on 46th and 6th Ave. The menu that looks like it was drawn while blindfolded, and there were a pile of people standing in front of the cart, so i couldn’t make out all of the items being offered, but OXTAIL certainly caught my eye. I’d gather that the food is southern comfort/carribean.” Anybody been yet? Hopefully it won’t disappear like so many other new carts do after being discoverd!


  • I went today, by a little past noon she was already out of the rice and peas and goat curry. I had the ox tail which as good as the ox tail served down the street at Margon. For a large, it was $8 and it included white rice and vegetables (steamed cabbage, fava beans, peas, carrots).

  • omg you guys drive me crazy! I am fast addicted to this site.

  • Oxtails my favorite. From a cart who would believe it.

  • There’s this one cart that pops up next to the Kati cart every once in a while. Sometimes it’s there for a few days, then gone for weeks.

  • I would HIGHLY suggest making sure your insurance is current before eating OXTAILS from some vermin-infested food cart.

    Taxpayers should not be burdened with the costs of your hospitalization or nursing home stay.

  • I’m pretty sure “food cart” means something other than your own kitchen, in this case.

  • DocChuck, You better be preparing your own food then. You’d also love how much fecal coliform is in every ice cube you’ve ever swallowed, lol.

  • DocChuck makes a valid point — I just dug in to an order of curry goat from said cart and was delighted to find a bonus half an insect buried within. My stomach is now busily fretting over the location of the other half. Maybe eating from the dirty cart with no sign isn’t the greatest idea.

    For those not put off by the bug: The food before the point of nausea was decent, though a tad too “goat-y.” A good value at $5, I reckon, but nothing special.

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