2nd Waffle Truck Gears Up Right on the Heels of “Wafflegate”

If you love food sold from trucks (and quite frankly, why wouldn’t you?), then you probably have heard of, or seen, the Wafels & Dinges Truck.  Dispensing 2 kind of waffles (brussels & liege), and all sort of toppings (dinges), the bright yellow truck has taken the city by storm, parking in the Flatiron District in the morning (Park btw. 26+27th), and by NYU in the afternoons.  Sadly there has been no waffel action for Midtown, and we have had to look on in jealousy.  But that’s all about to change…  

Midtown Lunch has learned that Augustin’s Waffles, a New Jersey company that specializes in liege waffles from Belgium, will be starting up their own Waffle Truck in the next 4 to 5 weeks.  You may recognize that name from last week’s “Wafflegate”, the scandal that hit the blogs when Eater discovered that pre made Augustin’s Waffles were being passed off as homemade, by Waffles & Dinges, at the Fort Greene Flea Market.

As they make the transition from supplier to competitor, Augustin’s Waffles are actually already available in Midtown…

You can buy their pre-packaged liege waffles (a thicker, denser waffle, dusted with sugar that melts into a glaze) at a place called Cafe Metro (not the chain, but a different place that must be breaking all sorts of trademark laws) on the 2nd floor of the Port Authority (42nd & 8th).  However, I must say the quality of the pre-packaged liege waffle being sold at this shop is garbage (similar to a stale bear claw), and cannot be compared to something made (or heated up) fresh on the street.  The truck, which they’re hoping to get rolling by the end of May, will have the original liege waffles, as well as a new line of fruit filled waffles.  In time they also hope to add some savory options as well.  

Augustin’s hasn’t decided exactly where the truck is going to be located, but I’d like to point out how well the Treats Truck (the OG mobile sweets dispenser) has done here in Midtown.  Look to her for inspiration and then bring us some damn waffles!  Yesterday, Eater reported that a new waffle store will be opening on 14th St. called Le Petit Belge, setting off a waffle war.  With the introduction of an Augustin’s Waffle Truck, we may have ourselves a Battle Royale!


  • omg this is so exciting! in sunnyside we have this random saturday ceviche truck, but a waffle truck in midtown?! money!

  • mmm, belgian waffles. a few years ago, i went up to boston to help my friend out with a project he was working on. turns out, the bostonian we were staying with was really a douche-facey belgian. luckily, his one redeeming value was that he had a cupboard full of these pre-packaged waffle things (some coated in CHOCOLATE!). so while doucheface was in the living room douching it up and playing some kind of really loud, really bad electronica, i was in the kitchen taking pictures of his belgian foods and munching on as many of the chocolate waffles as i could (and yes, i did sneak a couple into my bag the morning i left). and that is my belgian waffle story. THE END.

  • I love real liege waffles hot and with chocolate sauce drizzled on top. At some ski lodges in VT there is a place called the Waffle Haus that make great waffles complete with the pearl sugar inside that real liege waffles have.

  • We LOVE that there is a waffle war going on in NYC. We have been educating the midwest on “real” Belgian waffles for the past 4 years. Rather than try to ship premade tasteless waffles. We created a dry mix that easily ships anywhere (including back to Europe!). So if you can’t get to NYC to watch the battle, try our mix and make them at home. And yes we include the real pearl sugar from Belgium in the mix.

  • Oops! Our Liege Waffles are called Trolley Waffles, cuz we started in a trolley! Go ahead and google us. We’re easy to find.

  • Interesting. I look forward to a waffle truck taste off. The couple of times that I went to Waffels and Dinges and had the reheated Augustin substitute waffle, it really couldn’t hold a candle to the imported lieges. It was denser and chewier and did taste a wee bit stale. The fruit filled waffles are intriguing and I’d be eager to see if their lieges are tastier when direct from the source.

  • woo hoo! Last summer I went to Brussels and fell in love with the Liege waffle (superior in every way to the lighter, airier Brussels waffle). You can already get Liege waffles in midtown at le pain quotidien, but they’re not that wonderful. Here’s to hoping this truck will park at 38th and 5th on Treats Truck’s off days.

  • Went looking for the truck this morning on Park. Sadly, nothing there.

  • Hello all! I will comment on here when the truck will open! We will be making the waffles from the patties- not re-heating:) Will let you all know when the truck opens:)

  • Nice! I got those waffles in Bryant Park during christmas, and now I’m disappointed that I’ve switched jobs, out of midtown and into Jersey City. Bring me my waffles!

  • In Midtown yesterday! Did anyone catch it?


  • BTW, that’s the OG truck, not Augustin’s.

  • The Augustin’s waffle truck will be open in a week or so!

    Stay tuned..

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