Midtown Links (The “Maremma in Midtown” Edition)


  • Not midtown but funny food/politics story.
    McCain’s website posted family recipes that were actually stolen from Food Network.

    Have a nice weekend everyone, even foreigners like Rudy ;-)

  • I’ve worked at HBO for over a year and haven’t stepped foot inside our Bistro since my 3rd week here. Every week they serve almost the same exact food, only call it something else…ie. Caribbean Chicken one week is Latin Chicken the next week. It all tastes fine (I wouldn’t say anything is great) and it’s a good portion for the price. That said, anyone who knows how to properly eat in Midtown should not be too jealous. And if you are, you can be my guest one day for lunch and see what the fuss is all about.

  • the kimbap looks delicious, but reminds me of something I recently learned–the mu (yellow pickled radish) is carcinogenic. Sad, I know. :( But I read the FDA warning on the package with my own eyes…of course, that didn’t stop me from buying kimbap anyways. It just made me guilty.

  • hey Zach, I’ll get you in.

  • as for Ted’s….everyone at work is really into it lately. I’ve tried it and it is delicious. Really!

  • the bathrooms at ted’s are spectacular!! also a big fan of the sweet tea.

  • woorijip is my favorite spot in k-town. i adore their red bean cakes (when they’re making them!) and pumpkin porridge.

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