Is the McGraw Hill Bldg Getting a Sizzler?

Does anybody know what is going on at the McGraw Hill Building at 1221 Ave. of the Americas?  Rumors have been rampant since the closing of the Duane Reade on the 48th St. side of the building last Monday (that’s right, the city is actually *losing* a Duane Reade for once).  I was hoping that it would add to the Midtown Lunch’ing landscape, and there has been talk of some sort of chain restaurant taking over the space, but the only name I’ve actually heard mentioned is Sizzler, the crappy steak and seafood chain (although the space seems way to small for that).

But the real surprise, are the rumors going around about the space on the opposite side of the building…

There has been alot of talk about the clothing store Strawberry, which is located on the 49th St. side of the building (btw. 7+8th).  Rumor has it that their lease has been up for awhile, and the building is about to kick them out in favor of a very large restaurant (although I don’t know if anybody has told the employees at Strawberry yet).  Two of the engineers working outside the building told me it was going to be a seafood restaurant, one saying it would be “high end” another saying “high profile”.  It seems a little suspect, with City Lobster being right across the street, but with the steakhouse Del Frisco’s on one side of the entrance, and a high end seafood place on the other, maybe they’re looking to make 1221 into some sort of super surf and turf building…

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  • legal seagood? What I wouldn’t do for a Cheesecake Factory or PF Changs…

  • Duane Reade Seafood!

  • I’ve heard Zen Burger is looking to expand the empire

  • It will be The DocChuck and wife of Chucky hair removal emporium.

  • HA! Good one!

  • a joe’s crab shack would super hilarious there.

  • oh man i would kill for some pf changs..

  • People laugh at PF Chang’s but they make one hell of a savory “Chengdu spiced lamb.”

  • Sadly for you, your feeble attempts at mocking me have fallen short.

    For your information, my wife’s laser hair removal salons, HandiHouse franchises and caberet career enable us to enjoy the best of everything and allowed me to retire early. Very early. Early enough to enjoy my young wife’s company, traveling everywhere and enjoying all the finer things in life. Things I imagine you cannot fathom and obviously will never experience.

    I hold a PhD, should that excite you.

    As I have opined previously (at beef-related websites), Sizzler is by far the best steakhouse chain there is. You will always be served a more-than-decent meal at a fair price at a Sizzler.

    Unlike those other “upscale” steakhouses in New Yawk City with their haughty, diffident service and their rapacious markups on food and wine.

    I, for one, will be very glad to see Sizzler come to town.

  • haaa! That was great DocChuck, when Sizzler opens I’ll invite you, DDR, and Rudy for some all you can eat shrimp. We can expound on the virtues of proper hair removal. I’m completely serious!

  • The franchiSe should be called ‘Pube~away’.

    And as for travelling: 3 homes in UK one in Paphos Greek Cyprus and part ownership of a ski lodge in Austria.And upto 70k miles use of the corporate GV,which you and your pube plucking stripper pay for in taxes,Do(i)c.

    And if you can afford the best; Sizzler?

  • Mamacita – Sorry, I’m busy that night. But I do have fond memories of spending a good 2 hours at Sizzler for all you can eat steak and shrimp as a child. And now I remember being taken there by a friend’s family after we finished ninth grade! Remember the days when Sizzler was a special occasion meal? I do.

  • Aw man! I have fond memories of that Strawberry. Let’s just say this, their 8am opening time was a life-saver one too many times.

  • Hmmm. Interesting. I always wondered why there was a concourse Duane Reade and a street level Duane Reade on the same block. Can’t wait to see what turns up in that space.

  • What are you doing tonight, Blondie?

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