Nanking Opens First Manhattan Location in the Heart of Midtown

Nanking, the Chinese/Thai restaurant with 5 locations spread across New Jersey, Long Island and Queens, has opened their 6th location on Broadway btw. 50+51st.  While I usually shy away from places that focus on more then one ethnicity, a co-worker of mine swears by the Jackson Heights Nanking, so I will give it a shot.  Apparently that outpost is pretty cheap, and features an all you can eat lunch buffet (hello!?!), but the Midtown location will (naturally) be more expensive, and there is no buffet.  The grand opening was on Friday, and their lunch specials are $10 (and come with rice and soup), so it just qualifies as a Midtown Lunch.

A curious shot of the lunch specials menu, after the jump…

My co-worker swears by the Chili Chicken, so I may try that first, but I’m curiously drawn to the Chicken ”Honk Kong” style.  That must be a typo, right?  (Or is it?  Fusion menus can be pretty weird.) 

Nanking, 1634 Broadway (btw. 50+51st), 212-586-3100



  • I am waiting for your verdict. :o)

  • $10 for a wok stir-fry, rice and soup? That’s worth $10? Zach, please tell me it’s freakin amazing.

  • No buffet, no sale! I hate how NYC residents/workers get dissed by the chains. :(

  • No buffet for Midtown? We’re being raped by Nanking.

  • nice one Ronny D!

  • IMO, definitely not worth $10 + tax, at least for takeout

    had the Chili Chicken which is ok, but the soup is really tiny (think half of the regular size from chinese restaurants) and the fried rice has absolutely nothing in it. also, the wait was about 20 minutes

    Go to Pearl’s and get the same thing for $6 with a bigger soup and better fried rice

  • Yeah, I just went and I really feel violated, at least in my wallet. The food is good (Chicken HK style), but the price is ridiculous and the wait is interminable (ok, nearly 30 minutes) for take-out. I literally saw 4 ppl that order take out after me get their order b4 I got mines. Either they screwed up or the Chicken HK style really takes that long to make.

  • I live in Jersey City, and tried Nanking when we were househunting. The food was neither Chinese nor Thai. I can only assume it’s an estimation of East Asian food because the staff and the patrons were all of Indian decent. My husband actually laughed at our dishes after the waiter set them down. Needless to say, we haven’t been back since.

  • A couple friends of mine from India love Nanking and say it’s great for “Indian Chinese” dishes… I guess if Bombay had a Wu Liang Ye, Nanking would be it.

  • I was of the impression that Nanking was an Indian-Chinese place (not Thai/Chinese). Anyway, I think its a love it/hate it proposition, but Chili Chicken is one of my favorite dishes….

  • Oily and over rated. We have tons of Indo-Chinese places in NJ, a few are a lot nicer than Nan King (like Mings in Morristown), but still, perhaps the most unhealthy restaurant fare available.
    This is a nice site, but you really need to keep a watch on calories here too.
    Like Bill Maher said, “What’s killing people in this country is lunch”.

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