At Lunch Now: Greatest Day Ever

Um… if you didn’t eat outside today, you’re an idiot.


  • arrrr… mfmfmfmffffffffff…. thrrrrrip *grunt*

    [continues eating at desk]

  • What if they’re retarded and in a cell:DocChuck for example?

  • Best photo tagline ever! Thanks for all the work; i started a new job at 42nd/2nd so it looks like a lot of westerly lunches for me.

  • I had yet to take my lunch at 3 when I saw this photo, I promptly sprinted out of the office to Kwik Meal and proceeded to dominate a lamb pita in Bryant Park. Thank you!

  • I ate at my desk but that’s bc I took a walk during my lunch break. What does that make me?

  • if by eating outside, you mean F-train field tripping it down to west 4th street to nab some mammoun’s $2.50 falafel doused in hot sauce then devouring it under the ferosh sun in washington square park, then mama’s clearly no retard.

  • Count me in amongst the retarded folks who didn’t leave the office today. :(. Not only that, but I didn’t even EAT.

  • Am I retarded if I ate inside, but don’t live in New York?

    Wait, what am I doing here? How did I get here? Who are you crazy kids?

  • There is a quiet desperation in the forced, constant use of edgy slang. Don’t you think?

  • whatever dude. feel free to direct the hate elsewhere. words are fun.

  • OK, mama. Stay ferosh!


  • pret a manger ran out of sandwiches.

    i like the un-PC midtown lunch.

  • Jane – if your comment is directed at me, you don’t know what “PC” means. If I were “PC” I would complain that people are comparing eating inside on a nice day to being mentally retarded. I didn’t complain.

    By the way, I find the photos on your blog fascinating.

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