Tuesday Free Food Alert: Look! Jamba Juice and Starbucks are Doing Something!

Tomorrow seems to be a big day for corporate gimmicks, and while in theory I should be anti, I’ll take free stuff (and I’m guessing you will too).  To celebrate their new breakfast menu items, Jamba Juice will be giving away free 12oz servings of stuff from the time they open until 10am (limit one per customer so choose wisely).  Starbucks is being a little more cryptic, saying only that if you go at Noon EST to any U.S. Starbucks location, something big is going to happen and it involves their Venti.  Whatever.  If they’re not giving away something for free, people are going to get hurt…

If there’s not a Starbucks outside your office, then you don’t work in Midtown.  A list of participating Jamba Juice locations, after the jump…

  • 599 Lexington Ave. (at 53rd St.)
  • 712 7th Ave. (B’way & 47th)
  • 9 W. 42nd St. (Bryant Park)
  • 10 Columbus Circle (Whole Foods, Time Warner Center)
  • 1381 6th Ave. (@56th St.)
  • 1700 Broadway (@ 54th St.)
  • 1440 Broadway (@ 40th St.)
  • 625 8th Ave. (Port Authority)


  • suh-weet! i’m all over that b’way/54th jamba hut, i will ravage that jungle jumpstart

  • it’s not a venti starbucks is givin away. its a 8oz cup of their new brew.

  • jamba juice is giving away anything on their breakfast menu.

  • a colleague brought me a cup of coffee. i don’t think it was free but it does taste good. has a natural sweetness to it. almost like an amaretto after taste. i think the free coffee is happening in bryant park @ 11am. that is when/where the big announcement is taking place.

  • Thanks for the tip. Jamba Juice Bryant Park was a wild scene, man! But to the great credit of the JJ staff, they ran the whole operation very “smooth”ly. Despites lines out the door, everyone got their drinks in under 10 minutes.

    My free Strawberry Chunky is delicious. But at $5.60 including tax for a small 12 oz. size, it’s pretty outrageously priced. God bless.

  • Starbucks set up a couple tents in the park (near wichcraft) and they’re already handing out free 8oz cups of their new Pike Place Roast coffee. Along with the coffee, they’re handing out cards good for a free tall coffee every Wednesday until 5/28!

    At 11AM the CEO Howard Schultz will speak, announcing the new coffee. I thought it was worth it since I didn’t have to wait. I probably won’t be going back at 11 though.

  • I’m a big fan of the jamba, but I had their peach/mango topper breakfast thing today and it is rancid.

  • I showed up at Jamba Juice at 9:55am (times sq location). The manager there was such a prick. He told me free breakfast was over. I mentioned to him it wasn’t even 10:00am yet, and he got in my face and yelled “FREE BREAKFAST IS OVER” and walked away. Asshole. I’ll never go to Jamba again.

  • Just went to Starbucks downstairs in our lobby and got me a 2 oz. sample sized tasting. It doesn’t even really taste different.

  • pissed..you seriously need to go to jambajuice.com and register a complaint against that guy. That is unacceptable customer service.

  • Grabbed a free coffee by work on my way to eat.
    Also bought a NY Times with an insert from Starbucks for free Wednesday coffee’s for the month.

  • “Charbucks” was giving away free samples of their horrific witches brew.

    I wouldn’t imbibe under any circumstances. I simply cannot tolerate coffee that tastes like burned oven residue.

  • Pissed…I had the exact same experience at the exact same Jamba (47th and B’way, yes?) I got there at 9:58 by my cell. Apparently in the land of Jamba it was already 10:03. The place wasn’t even overwhelmed with people. I’ve worked in food service and um, this was not good service. Oh well, saved me 200 mostly empty calories.

  • Does DocChuck have anythng nice to say whatsoever?

  • My wife makes a tempting crockpot crab rangoon, should that interest you.

  • Doc,you and your inflatable wife escape from Bel Vue?


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  • Sounds like a SUBSTANTIAL pile of bullshit to me!

  • You need not reveal your staggering inadequacies here in public.

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