Midtown Links (The Free Haggis Edition)


  • Well, how was it? Did you like it?

  • This is from that Buffet link:

    “And finally, China Fun Express and why buffets are bad for your Jesus muscles…

    I’m 6’4 about 185 pretty skinny but not emaciated and about a year ago I started finding it difficult to get those good Jesus muscles to stick around. You know those nice lines you see on Jesus’s hips when he is hanging on the cross waiting to die. (Don’t worry everyone who I just offended – supposedly he comes back). ”

    That has to be the best Chinese food related quote ever!

  • wow. if i didn’t know what that haggis was, it still wouldn’t look appetizing…

  • I certainly hope you people eating haggis from a feculant food cart have all your shots.

    Take this from someone who “knows!”

  • ‘Doc’ what exactly is you’re doctorate in? Fuckwitology perchance?

  • what’s up doc….
    Got my hep-A shot right before I went actually! LOL! Really I did! Getting ready for some street food in Beijing, so I got my shots today at work. Yum, real street meat.
    Hey, if I can eat street food all over Thailand every year, and not get sick, I can certainly eat one bite of haggis from a cart in NY.

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