Free Food Reminder: Haggis Cart in Midtown Today!

I had mentioned this a few weeks ago, but I know a lot of you don’t pay attention so here it is again, just in case (because lord knows I don’t want anybody to miss out on this).  In honor of Scotland Week there will be a cart giving away free haggis hot dogs on the corner of 52nd & Broadway, today and tomorrow from 11am to 5pm.  According to the NYDN Blog it will be at the Continental Airlines Billboard.  Free sheep’s innards for all!!!  This should be good.  See you there…

Photo Courtesy of NY Daily News


  • oh this is gonna be goooooood

  • With Neeps n tatties?

  • We rushed over to 52nd and Broadway and are here now. No cart!!! where is it?

  • Oh no worries. They were running late so won’t be ready for another half an hour. I had to leave empty handed. =(

  • It’s on 51st & Broadway (for now anyway), and it’s not haggis hot dogs, it’s haggis in a puff pastry (and too small a portion to be considered “lunch”)

  • That’s how haggis is sold at chip shops in the UK. Stuffed into something kind of similar to a beef patty, deep-fried. It’s the best drunk food ever, if it’s big enough.

  • stu, don’t what chippy you’ve been in but if haggis is served it’s always as nature intended.

  • Robbie Burns will be bloody spinning.

  • I lived in Edinburgh for half a year, and all the chipshop I went into had haggis as a meat pie. The classier restaurants sold it like it should be, but fast food haggis was haggis meat in pastry.

  • No wonder they have the worst heart attack rate in the western world.

    Stu i forgive you,but that aint haggis in the real sence..that just jocks deep frying everything to death.

  • Oh, I’ve had real haggis as well. But the Fried Haggis is pretty damn good as well, especially if you’re really stinking drunk.

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