Breaking News: Haggis Cart May be on 51st

A little confusion as to the placement of the free haggis cart. As of 11:30am it’s at 51st and Broadway but it may or may not move to 52nd…  also- it’s not haggis hot dogs, it’s small portions of haggis wrapped in puff pastry, which is sort of a cop out if you ask me.  You wrap anything in puff pastry and it’s going to be freaking good.  I want my sheep’s stomach!  This is more of a gateway haggis… so if you are scared but intrigued, this might be your best chance of enjoying it.


  • 51st.

    Small though

  • I had some, and found it deeply disappointing.

    ANyone know a place in NYC to get good haggis? Maybe at one of the Aussie/Kiwi restaurants? I have a craving now, and the stuff at Chip Shop just didn’t cut it.

  • It was OK. Essence of offal within the filo but the thing I missed most was the peppery zing, of which there was none. But it was kind of cooly surreal the way a streetmeat cart was taken over by men in kilts and made over to be a haggis wagon, like something out of a Python sketch. No one expects the Haggis Inquisition!

  • Oh, St. Andrews on 44th St. has some haggis that is passable but alas I think the only real deal in the USA will be found grazing in a field and must be made yourself from there. But do go to St. A’s for some Belhaven on draught cause it’s still an awesome bar with great food as well.

  • Agree with the two comments above me. Sample is small, and it is missing a kick. The puff pastry is done well, flaky, yummy. The innards need more seasoning for sure…

    I saw the guy offer it to people walking by and people barely looked at it. Sad.

    I want more!

  • bland, boring, blech

  • Ha…. haggis inquisition…

  • I’d sooner have a sex change operation than eat offal from a filthy New Yawk vendor’s cart.

    This is why the rest of the world finds New Yawk and its inhabitants do downright alien.

  • DocChuck, Angela and Peter Lusk are over at Zen Burger waiting for you to share their turnip kabab

  • Hmmm.

    “Filthy vendor cart.”

    “New Yawk.”

    Hmmm. Why don’t you fuck off back to Jersey, now?

  • Actually my money’s on that self righteous San Diegan who was sniffing around recently. Remember when we totally moidahed (old-timey brooklyn accent) that guy?

  • I’d sooner eat haggis from a pathogen-laden vendor cart than live in New Jersey.

    I am a PhD, by the way. And I am not (THANK GOD) a Yankee.

  • His blow up wife does hair electrolosis from their RV.

  • Totally agree about it not being the most authentic. I was pretty psyched for haggis hot dogs. But still, I thought it was pretty darn delicious. And much better than the haggis I ate at the Pre-Parade Ceilidh the night before.

    Thanks again for the tip about the free eats, Zach. I uploaded some pics of the haggis to my flickr: and to the ML Flickr Pool.

  • what’s up doc…
    Do you carry wipes in your pocket too to avoid big bad germs wherever you go? LOL.
    That is why Wendys will never go out of business. Germophobes.

  • It was boggin’!

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