At Lunch Now: Day 2 City Burger Craziness

Even though I posted about City Burger’s grand opening yesterday morning, I was out of town, so I missed out.  City Burger’s Day 2, on the other hand, rivaled Five Guys on opening week.  Super long wait times, a large crowd of pretty unhappy people, and a staff struggling to learn the ropes, while simutaneously being slammed by huge lunchtime crowds wanting their burger fix. Oh and the seating is limited to about 15 stools, no tables.Some promising signs… the burger are pretty big and thick, as are the rings- which are beer battered. They’ve also got thick steak fries which look excellent (if you’re into that sort of thing). Oh, and they’ve got wings… I’d give ‘em a little time to work out the kinks before I rush over to eat.


  • Whoa! That’s me in the middle of that picture (and my second day at City Burger).

  • I paid 15 bucks for a bacon cheeseburger and onion rings and they forgot the cheese and the onion rings are cold…
    Definitely have to step up their game if theyre gonna charge those prices…

  • i was there during lunch,it was very busy. i had to wait about 10 minutes for my order.but it was the best burger i have tasted in a long’s defiantly better than the usual suspect,five guys and good burger.i heard the bread comes fresh from a family owned Brooklyn bakery.they got my business for sure.

  • yeah, i’m gonna wait for the yuppies to disperse before attempting that place… doesn’t sound like their prices will win me over, though. i’d have been droppin elbows with a quickness. maybe five guys instead?

  • Don’t even try it. Ridiculous prices, worse wait, and completely mediocre burger.

  • it was the best burger i ever had in my life. the staff was nice and friendly, and the milkshakes were out of this world. even though there was a long wait, i’m sure that will change as soon as they get settled in

  • These 5 guys need to add a few more guys, I just called to place a delivery order, the guy on the phone tells me “We’re not delivering TODAY!” …and hangs up….clearly overwhelmed, if you cant handle the biz, hang up shop 5 weak guys

  • I was just over there today at lunch. It’s a good burger to have in the neighborhood, but not a destination burger. Reminds me of Big Nick’s up on broadway. Has a good flame grilled flavor, but it’s a little dry. The did cook it to order. The bun was toasted nicely. The fries are dull dull dull frozen spuds. And the cheeseburger combo (w/ fries and a coke) was $12+!

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