R.I.P. Old Bridge Deli

I’ve gotten it from numerous sources that the Old Bridge Deli on Lexington & 41st has been seized by the IRS for non-payment of taxes.  Mentioned by many of our Profiled Midtown Lunch’ers as their go-to lunch, the deli was loved by few, but used by many.  She will be missed…

(Anybody have a photo of the sadness?  Email it to me at zach@midtownlunch.com or post it to the Midtown Lunch Flickr Photo Group)


  • what are they going to do with all of the food that’s just sitting in there? I hope that they at least donate it to city harvest or something….

  • this place was crummy and overpriced. I’d get a yogurt there, bring it back to my desk for breakfast, only to find that they didn’t give me a spoon! This happened over and over, as if all those free spoons were adding up and eating away at their profits. Last week I bough a bunch of red grapes and it was $5.50!!! For a bunch of grapes! I was appalled! And the staff would be yelling “NEXT PLEASE” before they had even given you your change, forcing you into the uncomfortable position of being hurried out the door holding your goods and change of bills and coins because they wanted you away from their precious counter space so they could get the next customer up and paid for, all the time yelling “NEXT PLEASE!” at customers as they milled! Screw this place, walk down to Milant for a decent lunch! Glad it’s gone!

  • This place was way overpriced but they made a pretty decent sandwich.

  • Well, I don’t know how they did it, but they’re open again!

  • I had the best sandwich of my life at the Old Bridge Deli while I was visiting NY. I still dream about that sandwich…it was so tasty. I would come back to NY just to get another sandwich.

  • Yes they are open again. They got shut down for like a day and was right back in business the following business day. I work across the street from the deli it was Very funny to me and my other co-workers when they were shut down. I’m glad they re-opened, yes they are pricey but they have a huge selection and that is very convenient to the business workers around the area.

  • Old Bridge is the best, yes they can be rude sometimes but the food is delicious and the portions are excellent. You can’t buy anything that is charged by weight, it’s a ripoff. As for the price – this is Manhattan, I don’t know where these other folks are going to eat but Old Bridge is very reasonable and even cheaper than a lot of nearby delis.

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