At Lunch Now: Drowning Your Sorrows in Street Meat

Cheap steam table chinese food is what I normally treat myself to when
I’m having a tough day at work, but today felt more like a street meat
kind of day. Currently consoling myself with a platter of chicken and
lamb over rice from the cart on the SE corner of 53rd & 6th. For $5 is
there a more soothingly masochistic lunch in all of midtown?


  • Congrats, “soothingly masochistic” was a googlewhack until this post.

  • Great minds think alike – I went to the same cart for the combo plate for lunch today!

  • Hey, keep your chin up, Zack. Don’t let the bastards get you down.

  • It’s daytime–the good cart is on the SE corner of 5th and 53rd. It’s on the west side at night. (I know this because I’m drowning my work sorrows there once a week now.)

  • Almost on the bandwagon: just stepped out for a streetcart lunch of lamb on pita (white AND hot sauce, of course).

  • Tim, Zach will feel better if you tell him to keep all of his chins up – remember, he’s a wanna-be fatty today

  • @peggy… total typo. i went to the SE corner. fixed it in the post.

  • Nice job here. I note that you went with the hot sauce on the side, a true benefit of the 53rd posse.

  • if you guys really want to try some street meat check it out @ south corner of 46th and 6ave. “BIRIYANI CART ”

    yum yum selection….

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