Bits & Pieces: Krust vs. Dutchy, More Cupcakes & The El Sabroso Bounce


The new location of Golden Krust on 8th Ave. btw. 39+40th. has finally opened.  The Caribbean chain (which has multiple locations in NYC) will be offering a special grand opening lunch special price of $5.99 for fried chicken, stewed chicken or curry chicken served with rice & vegetables.  They have 3 other locations in Midtown…

  • 33rd St. btw. 5th+Mad
  • 3rd Ave. btw. 43+44th
  • A kiosk in Grand Central Terminal food court 

Golden Krust too much of a trek from your office?  Or maybe you’re just feeling lazy, but still want some jerk chicken?  The Jamaican Dutchy cart on 51st & 7th now offers delivery.  It’s a $15 minimum order, so you’ll need to get at least one other person in on the plan before calling (646-287-5004 or 347-213-2851).  Actually an afternoon office Jamaican beef patty party doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

Cupcake question, and El Sabroso hits the blogs, after the jump…


I’ve never actually had a cupcake from there, but I was surprised that nobody mentioned Crumbs (42nd btw. 5+6th) in the comments of Rachel’s profile on Tuesday.  I can’t imagine that it’s a hidden gem, so maybe it just sucks?  No need to state the obvious?  What’s the deal?  Thoughts?

After winning the Guardian UK’s NYC Blogger Lunch Challenge, El Sabroso, the latin lunch counter hidden inside the freight elevator hallway beneath a building on 37th btw. 7+8th, popped up on a couple of blogs this week.  Midtown Lunch’er Swan  checked it out on her blog “Lifestyle of a Yuppie“, after seeing the post here, while Young over at Cheap Ass Food seems to have stumbled onto it coincidentally

Thanks to Jed for posting the Golden Krust info on the Midtown Lunch Facebook Group (yes, one exists- and it’s very exciting!).  Got any bits and pieces to share with Midtown Lunch?  Email them to 


  • Someone brought in Crumbs cupcakes for a co-worker’s birthday last week. We cut them in fourths so we could sample a few different flavors. And, I have to say…Crumbs has my favorite cupcakes in Midtown. Very moist cake, great icing, and creative toppings. Recommended flavors: Hostess, Oreo, and Candy. They’re a little pricey (I think around $3.50), but they’re also massive, so it all works out in the end.

  • Forgot about Crumbs – have had them. They are massive and delicious. Come with all sorts of toppings. Insanely good. Best cupcakes in Manhattan by far.

  • I’ve had just about everything from Crumbs. They are great cupcakes and usually pretty fresh. Nice balance of icing vs. cake. I also like that they have smaller and larger sizes. I’ve also brought their 12 pack of mini cupcakes to parties and meetings and they’ve been a hit.

  • Crumbs is awesome! They are also located downtown by Wall St. The cupcakes are a nice size and come in such a variety of flavors. Not only are they good, but they are also Kosher, so even more people can indulge.

  • I’m a cupcake purist so all of the toppings and the size of Crumbs cupcakes is just a bit gross to me….also I didn’t find the cake portion very moist but maybe I got a bad one. Frosting was also not the best, more like a bad buttercream from a grocery store birthday cake than the melt in your mouth kind that is on Buttercup or Sugar Sweet Sunshine.

  • Crumbs is the best in midtown. Always super moist and tons of unique flavors to choose from. Go Crumbs!

  • facebook group?? man, everyone is hip and with it these days. okay, i joined up. can we have a mass mourning (mass mass?) of the beef n’ cheddar loss? well, on the bright side, my coworkers & i are planning to have an nyu-connection bring us some chick-fil-a one day. i’ve never had it!

  • My BF loves Crumbs… forgot they had a midtown location (I’ve been to the one off B’way … um…. near NYU? and the one down here in the Financial District). Cupcake is good, not the best, but he loves the Artie Lange one which is disgusting in its own right :)

  • Crumbs is good, but I like Buttercup better, particularly with regard to icing.

  • Crumbs is delicious. It’s my second fave in the city (right behind sugar sweet sunshine). I find them moister than buttercup’s and i like their frosting better. Oh, and their black and white cookies are great too.

  • Crumbs rules! They have a nice variety of cupcakes and they’re all good.

    Their midtown location is really easy to miss though. They always seem to have empty boxes in the window and for the longest time I couldn’t distinguish them from the FedEx store next door.

    On a related note, Cafe Metro’s cupcakes are not too bad either…

  • Crumbs is a bit too coarse for my taste. Frosting’s too sweet and the cake tastes like its made with Duncan Hines mix. Sugar sweet sunshine cupcakes rule!

  • i used to get cupcakes from the Crumbs on the UWS (79th and amsterdam?) .. they were tasty and creative. Had no idea they’d graduated to a midtown location. I can’t stand that buttery aftertaste that some of these shi-shi cupcake cafes churn out, so you can imagine how tickled i was with Crumbs’ THICK sugary sweet frosting layer. Big ups to the Oreo option.

  • Eccles Cake would kill a cupcake…….even if the cupcakes deformed pal, the muffin, joined in.

  • I’m not much of a Crumbs fan. Like Joyce, I, too, am more a purist when it comes to cupcakes. The wacky, crazy candy topped frosting turns me the hell off. But with that said, I’ve grown to really like Cupcake Cafe. I enjoy the buttery taste of their frosting and now scrape off the sugary frostings of all the other cupcakes.

  • Little Pie Company, people!! The carrot cake one with cream cheese frosting is not to die for – it’s to KILL for.

  • Crumbs is pretty okay. They’re the standard birthday fare in the office. My only real complaint is that there’s so much icing on those things that I now have to take an insulin shot every day.

  • Sugar Sweet Sunshine is without a doubt the best cupcakes in the city and if you haven’t tried their lemon or pistachio or pumpkin cupcakes, you’re so missing out because those 3 are their best stuff. I gained about 25 pounds from those darn cupcakes……sigh

  • I agree that Cupcake Cafe is great – I’ve also ordered cakes from them for special occasions and they’ve been awesome. If you’re on 45th St, you can also take out cupcakes and desserts from My Most Favorite Food Company b/t 6th and 7th.

  • Haven’t been to the other Crumbs locations, but the one near NYU was not impressive. The three times I’ve been there (see, I even gave them the benefit of the doubt), the cake seemed like it had been sitting around unwanted for a while and was very dry.

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