At Lunch Now: Chapati Roll Chef is Back with New Menu Items and Something for the East Side


I guess it’s an Indian food kind of day… first Indus Express and now this.  The “Chef” (on the right) of the Chapati Roll/Biriyani Cart (46th & 6th Ave.), has returned after two and a half months in Bangladesh, and as promised there’s some new stuff to talk about.  Let’s get the bad news out of the way first… two Kati Rolls/Chapati rolls are now $5 ($6 for lamb).  $4 was a ridiculously low price, so I don’t begrudge the cart a little price increase…

Now on to the good news… they’ve added a fifth kind of Chapati Roll to their menu- the vegetarian Aloo Gobi roll (curried potatoes and cauliflower).  I’ve been on a big cauliflower kick since having this sandwich 6 months ago, so I’m excited to try this.   They’ve also added the chicken tikka masala and biriyani to the permanent menu, items previously only available as specials on certain days.

On the seafood front, there is now a salmon dish (presumably to compete with the Kwik Meal Cart’s fish platter).  And even more items are in the works, including shami kebabs (made from ground up lamb or chicken), and chapli kebabs (made from ground up beef).

A shot of the menu, plus the big news for Chapati Roll lovers on the East side, after the jump…


I think that’s my Chapati roll photo they used (I’m a published photographer!), but more important than that is the part at the bottom of the sign.  “Coming soon with new selection & location.”

That’s right, a second Chapati Roll cart is in the works, and they’re planning on rolling it out somewhere on Park Ave. (possibly on 49th St.?) as soon as they get the permits.  As soon as they’re up and running, I’ll let you know where.


  • This matters. He’s finally back! This guy’s combo on rice is the best I have had — really well spiced. Plus, he has the most liberal larger portions policy there is — tell him how much you want to pay and he’ll give you an appropriate amount. Awesome for big fellas like me.

    The guy on the left, though, could well be the biggest moron I have ever seen, bless his heart. He is sweet, but very, very stupid. Deal with the chef…

  • Good tip, Crackhead. Thanks.

  • Get there on the early side for biryani- it was sold out yesterday by 1:30.

  • They look like henchmen from a 60′s Bond movie.

  • Well congratulations Rudy, mi amigo. NYC was beat by Detroit on the “misery” index. Now that is something. Apparently, when looking at crime, tax, superfund sites and commute, the 212 came in 4th place and Detreoit rocked the contest. To celebrate, The Big Fish Taco will meditate for 15 mintues and then spend the rest of the day surfing off Crystal Pier. Have a nice day sir, have a nice day.

  • Im deeply jealous.

    I shall mull this over a few pints of the black stuff tomorrow in Dublin as the present Mrs Mc & myself look to buy a St.Stephen green townhouse.

    Charlie don’t surf.

  • 2 shay sir, 2 shay. have a good weekend NY

  • I’m out here right now at 46th and 6, and there is no kati roll cart to be seen on any of the corners. Just a korean cart (kim’s aunt) and a falafel cart (moishe’s). Here goes some bulgogi!

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