New City Burger Will Get Meat From the Same Place As The Shake Shack

The owners of Abitino’s, a generic take out pizza place with a few locations in Midtown, are three weeks away from opening “City Burger” on 39th St. just East of Broadway, and I got word from the owners that their burgers will be made from Pat Lafrieda meat, the same purveyor that supplies beef to the Shake Shack.  Not sure if it will be the “high end stuff” or the “regular commodity” meat, but either way it looks like this is the closest thing we’re getting to a shack burger in Midtown.

I got a sneak peak at the menu, and it looks pretty similar to Goodburger.  The burger/fries/soda combo is a disappointing $10.55 ($10 is usually the midtown lunch price limit), but at least you’ll be getting a 1/2 pound burger (no doubt larger than the standard Goodburger, and twice as large as the Shack burger).  They will also be carrying a turkey burger, salmon burger and veggie burger, fries, onion rings, and shakes.

If they are good, the thing that may set this place apart is their buffalo wings (10 for $6.99), and the $13.50 burger/fries/soda/5 buffalo wings combo will definitely have me re-thinking my under $10 rule! 

As of now, there is no Good Burger or Five Guys in the immediate area, but the competition should heat up once the Hale and Hearty owned ”Shake Shack” concept planned for the NY times building opens up one avenue away.

Thanks to lunch’er “Gail” for the tip.  If you have any tips, news or recommendations, email them to


  • Love the website – great concept and the pub has reached Cali so it must be good. But honestly NY, and not to start anything, but for the love of god and all that is good and holy in this world, why the heck would anyone work, live or breed in Manhattan? It’s cold, crowded and costly (sell that on your next elevator ride). Now you want some good eatz? You come out to sunny San Diego and stay a spell. Ya baby, we do it right. It don’t get no better for great, affordable food selection and lifestyle than Garnet Avenue in Pacific Beach. Face it Midtown, Rock beats scissors, paper beats rock and The Big Fish Taco beats The Big Apple every time. Now suck on that lollipop a while, NYC. Cheers.

  • Fair comment.

    But Ny’ers don’t have a Nazi for Govenor either, do they.

  • Mmm. Shake shack burgers rock my world.

  • Given the chance i’d move to San Diego in a second.

  • Get bent ya dirty left coast hippy.


  • yeah what the F Fish Taco? Affordable lifestyle my ass. Not very affordable when you have to keep rebuilding your house b/c it was destroyed by another wildfire/mudslide/earthquake. I second Inane. (Though I do love me a fish taco… sigh)

  • Also everyone on the west coast wears way too light colored denim. so there!

  • Sarah, you forgot to add they’re also self obsessed workshy tosser’s.That live in gym’s and all have will&grace dvd boxed sets.And drive cars with all the power of an electric tooth brush.

    Although, it must be said that when Las Palmas slides into the atlantic NY will be the new waterworld.

    Even Liv lives in NYC.

  • Abitino’s doesn’t make very good pizza, so there’s no reason to think they’ll make good burgers or wings, no matter whose meat they’re using.

  • To Big Fish Taco:
    San Diego is the pimple on the ass of an enormous elephant that is the United States. You are probably too ignorant to know that most of the development of the United States was generated in New York City and then spread throughout the US. I think that all San Diego has to offer is sunny weather and fish tacos. You should be very proud of your contribution to our country. Awesome man!

  • Good Citizens of Gotham,
    Fear not the wisdom of the BFT. I was afraid there might be some haters out there today so I prayed last night that I might meet your wrath with superhuman empathy and understanding. But the good lord saw fit to only provide me with additional superhuman intelligence and physical strength. The fact that some may call San Diegans lazy and apathetic is just inaccurate and beyond the bounds of reasonableness and decency. If we were so lazy, how is it that we trained an orca whale to do flips, splash around a pool and wave to the crowd? Yes, this is for your entertainment NYC when you role off the plane in your black socks and sandles but it is also science, real science folks. So do not criticize our work ethic. Is it our fault that happy hour starts out here at 2 pm and the weekend on Wednesday? This is just our cross to bear. You know what, thats it, I’m so upset right now that I’m shutting down the office and heading over to La Jolla for a cold one.
    Until next time, NYC, roll like we do – keep your head above the waves and below the drive-bys.
    And as for you, Inane and Benji – go tip a cosmo with SJP or something.

  • This is why there’s the san andreas fault.

    they can all slip into the pacific in their Prius’s, wanking to whale muzak.

  • The only thing you can come up with to defend your city is shamu? jeez. I would have at least *mentioned* avacados. totally weak.

  • …they pull me back in. Sarah, I’m a 24/7 San Diegan. Only 16/7 San Diegans pick avacados, that sun is hot, hot (and they do a good job, by the way). But Sarah, I like the cut of your jib – you know that life exists outside the 212 area code so I tell ya what – the next time The big Fish Taco is back east, I’ll let you wear my old letterman’s jacket, and I’ll take you down to Coney Island and win ya a stuffed animal – size large no doubt.

    As for you Bill Lukashok (that can’t be a real name or personality for that matter). How about you put on that Friday nylon track suit (that would be track suit 5 of 7 in your closet), your fresh white adidas sneakers and your black-market bling and go play stick ball or whatever it is you do out there. While you’re at it, Bill, slide a big screen plasma over this way after you’re done “taxing” the neighborhood you grew up in.



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