At Lunch Now: Where the hell is the chapati roll/biriyani Cart?

At the beginning of December I reported that the “chef” of the Chapati Roll Cart on 46th & 6th Ave was on vacation until the end of January, but the cart was still there serving its regular menu. As of last week, he hadn’t returned and even worse- now the cart is gone entirely.It is 47 degrees below zero today, so one can understand if he took the day off, but I even had reports that the cart had gone missing at the end of last week. Anybody have any info? If he’s still missing tomorrow, we may have a serious problem. Don’t know if 46th street can take losing Kati Roll and the Chapati Roll cart in one year…

UPDATE (2/12):  According to a commenter the Biriyani Cart is back today.  Thank god!  Now if only we could get those new menu items we were promised by the sign back in December…


  • I just checked here and realized that our posts today are almost identical, lol.

    Sad day for midtown lunching…

  • Oh, no. I love those chapatis! My only beef is that sometimes they take so damn long with the orders. It is always worth the wait, though. Keeping my fingers crossed…

  • They were there on friday?

  • @EJC – I got an email saying that the cart wasn’t there on Friday… did you see them there on Friday?

  • I definitely saw them on Friday.
    Thursday night was an unhealthy dinner, so on Friday I forced myself to skip a tika masala at the birianyi cart, and get a salad at Europa. I waved at the old guy who takes your money, and he didn’t look like he wanted to be there.

  • Well, that’s comforting news. Maybe today was just a freezing cold weather thing…

  • biriyani cart is back at 46th today!

  • I think these guys avoid days when business is likely to be slow, like presidents day or any other public holidays.

    But the good news is the owner told me he is going to add more stuff to the menu in the days to come.

    P.S: do they use opium as a ingridient?? cause I am addicted to the food since I tried them a few months ago ;) (kidding ofcourse)

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