Wishlist: Korean Fried Chicken Col-Pop


It should come as no surprise that I feel we are in desperate need of a Korean Fried Chicken place here in Midtown (if your unfamiliar with the phonomenon, check out Jason Perlow’s round-up).  Unfortunately, Baden Baden & Bon Chon, the two locations in Koreatown, are not open for lunch, so we are left Koreanfriedchicken’less.

And now, just to increase our jealousy, Serious Eats’ Adam Kuban has written about the Col-Pop,  a device available at BBQ Chicken (a fast food KoreanFC chain with a location in Chelsea), that allows you to hold popcorn chicken in a built in container atop your soda cup.  Are you kidding me?!?!  With a location on 7th Ave. and 24th St. it’s only 1 stop farther on the subway than the Manhattan Mall Food Court… a small price to pay for being the first kid at work with a col-pop in your cube.

Need more?  Check out the amazing video posted on Serious Eats.


  • Does the chicken get cold from the soda below? Or does the soda get warm from the chicken above? Hmmm…

  • Adam touches on that subject in the Serious Eats post- but I’m pretty sure Midtown Lunchers won’t have to worry about it. The chicken nuglets will be long gone before they have the chance to be cooled from below…

  • I haven’t tried those “nuglets” yet…but their original fried chicken is damn tasty. It’s surprisingly a bit spicy, but very good nonetheless.

  • Who ever invented that needs a fucking good slap.

  • Condensation… soggy nuglets… sounds so appetizing.

  • What the hell are you guys complaining about? The Col-Pop is the greatest invention since one hour martinizing!

  • Well, hot air rises, cold air sinks, so the drink on the bottom and the nuglets on the top helps to minimize the two affecting each other (although there will be SOME heat transfer).

    Is it me, or am I the only one who thinks that the Bon Chon in Flushing is VASTLY superior to the one in Manhattan?

  • Maybe I need to add another update to my post on this thing, since wherever this is posted someone inevitably asks about the temperature factor.

    Zach is right: You’d have to eat these pretty damn slowly for the temperature issues to factor in. And, as I’ve said before, the condensation takes a while, so as long as you eat quickly (and the serving is relatively smallish), you’ll be fine.

    @Anonymous: The nuglets are standard-issue fast-food chicken nugz. Nowhere near as good as BBQ Chicken’s regular fried chicken.

  • This is a sign of the coming apocalypse.

  • Thanks Adam (Kuban)! I’ll stick w/the fried chicken then =)

  • I am surprised you guys haven’t already stumbled on the obvious: HOT SAKE (or mulled wine, I suppose) is the drink below…

    For teetotalers: hot coffee.

  • Maybe they can make it big gulp size with beer on the bottom and nachos on top. Just sayin’.. expand your greasy horizons…

  • THIS is how the monster from Cloverfield was created.

    It’s deeply wrong.

    I’m tired and emotional.

  • I’m all on board with Mamacita – only because I’ve been the one holding the nachos at the ballgame as the friend/date/whomever gulps down the beverage of choice next to me. They could hold their own now! How perfect, and yet still disgusting.

  • OMG. Nachos! Such a good idea.

  • I had bon chon the other night. ubelievably good.

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