A Few Improvements to Midtown Lunch

Just wanted to quickly point out two improvements recently made to Midtown Lunch.  First, some of you may have noticed that for the past month the site has been running incredibly slow, especially during lunch time (I can’t imagine why).  It appears as if Midtown Lunch has grown too big for our britches (ironic how it’s happening to me personally as well), so last weekend “I” (meaning my incredibly helpful brother) moved the site to a new server, and it appears to have fixed the problem.  The RSS feed is still the same, but some people had old feeds that are not working anymore, so if that is the case with you, replace your feed address with this link.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, feel free to ignore, or read more about rss feeds here.

More importantly, Midtown Lunch *finally* has a map!  You’ll notice it on the top of the right hand sidebar.  Click on it, and you will be taken to our improved “Map & Restaurant Index” page.  Now, you can zoom in on the area you work in Midtown and see all of the places in your area that have been written about on Midtown Lunch, plus the ones I’m planning on writing about soon.  (There’s only so much stomach to go around).

Please feel free to email any problems, issues, suggestions or complaints to zach@midtownlunch.com  And of course thanks for reading the site, contributing your opinions in the comments, and telling your friends.  Here’s to continued growth, resulting in the failure of our new server!


  • Love the map! Keep up the good work Zach!

  • Map is Good but there are so many pins in such a small area it looks like a peacock’s tail.

  • If you zoom all the way in you can see Angela with her head up Al gores arse on FDR.

  • It might be helpful if there was a way for us to choose to see only a certain type of food (ie BBQ Only) on this map. You cant even click some of the markers because they’re too dense. We should also find a way to place an X over Zen Burger, and place a GPS tracking device on Angie so we can follow her vegan exploits throughout midtown.

  • Nice map, but it’s missing Chipotle.

    I KEED!

  • I know… I really wish there were categories you could click on and only see certain pins. If anybody knows how to do that, feel free to email me!

  • oh happy day! i love the map!

  • The map is a great idea – much appreciated & very helpful. But… the map shows a Sophie’s Cuban at 420 Lex, but I work at 420 Lex, and I have never seen it… Am I missing something? Are there really glorious sweet plantains lurking on the premises???

    Sorry that was the corporate office address methinks. I updated it to it’s correct location between 40+41st. -zach

  • It would be nice if there were links from the reviews to the map

  • I love the map. It’s inspiration to venture forth from my usual haunts. Zooming in helps the pin grouping.

  • Perhaps some music as one scrolls across the map.a choral of angels as one crosses shake shack for example.

    Saturday night alright for fightin as one scrolls Sarahs local bar? :)

    Celine Dion as one scrolls Zen Burger.

    A red star if Liv Tyler has ever Eaten there.

    That type of thing.

    Not that a bloody map will do me anygood 3000 miles away.

  • If you zoom waaaay out you can see one little pin on he UK… its wanker shaped…..

  • Is that an Americanized(no such word) wanker?

  • The map is really cool! And yea I’m glad you mentioned the server thing because some days I was going crazy like, “AHHHH I NEED FOOOOOOD. LOOOOAD PAGE!!!”

    And I have been looking into the map too. The thing with google maps is that the more pins you load, the slower it scrolls… and also dynamically adding pins and removing pins appears to be a bit of a hurdle if not impossible.

    I’m gonna guess all those pins are just fed in in a huge list… but if you made a separate map on each category page, and fed in a diff subset of the list then you could have a page with just Japanese or Italian pins. Just a thought, but I can’t even get maps to show up on my own pages. haha

  • You’re right Danny.

    Zach we need, nay(It’spelt ney, but i don’t want to confuse inane), DEMAND a seperate map for each review.

    Im sure you could ask for help with the extra work load,’Calling you out
    ‘ for example, im sure he’d help :)

  • I’m confused.

    A map for each review? Seems like a lot of maps.

  • Thanks for the shoutout Rudy, but Midtown is as much a wasteland for decent bars as it is for lunches. Maybe I’ll start a sister site: Midtown Drunk.

  • That’s me told off.

    Inane hate’s me, Sarah’s gone all vegan on me.Angela left me for Mario Batali, french cac 40 index has gone tits up,zach’s gone all mason dixon with his maps…………………where will it all end?

    This Argentinian Pinot Grigio is bloody lovely tho, and im sat on a sofa watching discovery thinking ‘ steve irwin….wrestled Crocs,’gators……then stabbed to death by a fish.

  • I am a day late in seeing the improvements to the MTL site. Wow the map is really great. Quite impressive. Your mother must be very proud. (Hey and your helpful brother ain’t bad either.

  • Sorry, I can’t help with maps. And, with all the money this guy is pulling in from these ads, he can hire someone to solve the map problem.

    FYI – Minar was closed twice this week due to “gas problems” according to the handwritten sign on the door. I’m not sure if it has re-opened yet.

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