At Lunch Now: Sakae Sushi is Open! (sort of) **Updated**

The conveyor belts have been fired up and are officially turning at
Sakae Sushi on 43rd St btw. Lex+3rd. There’s plenty of sushi making the
journey around the restaurant, but no hot food yet, because the gas is
not on. But the computers are working, so there is still plenty of fun
to be had…

***WEDNESDAY 1/29 Update:   The PR person for Sakae Sushi wanted me to pass along the info that as of last night, the full menu is now available***

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  • Ohhh greatttttttttt.

    So people who spend all day working in little cubicals looking at screens can now go to lunch and sit in little cubicals and look at screens and order fish that the chef’s to bloody thick to cook.


    I dont like sushi :)


  • It’s like a home away from home, innit?

  • Haha @ Rudy’s comment… too funny and partially comically true =P Yum, I can’t wait to see what you have to say about the food :)
    PS You’ve been tagged :D

  • Are you saying that the gas is on and hot meals are available. I called today and was told that they were closed tonight for a private party and would open again to the public this Saturday and that deliveries would be available next week. Isn’t that unusual for a restaurant to close after it has opened? Has anyone been there yet.

  • I just whent there a couple days ago (pre hot food availability) and it was incredible. The salmon was incredibly savory and everything off the belt was fresh. Didn’t get the chance to have something come down the belt to my table though, the waitress kept bringing me things from the kitchen since I was the only one there. Watch out for the Japanese Cheesecake. Think of a little debbie snack on crack with a jelly filling and you might come close to imagining this conconction. Definately give it a try, but at least share the experience with the friend. Oh, and try the strawbery sodas. They come in awsome bottles.

  • Visited there for lunch today. It was open and the food and service was great.

    Good news is that they are starting their delivery service now. So when you can’t get out, just call. I know I plan to.

  • visited yesterday for lunch. menu is huge, maybe a bit too much.

    had the tuna, which was fine, rice good, but no wasabi holding it together? was charged $6.90 for 2 peices of salmon mayo which is crazy for a place that calls itself cheap

    chicken skewers were more like a kids dish and the chicken was cheap and nasty

    seats are wooden planks and it took 15 minutes to line up and pay the bill. not a happy chappy…

    this is a sushi gimmick, no real substance here. if you want soemthing boxed up and handed to you try the place (hiro?) on 41st or yushi on 47th and lex, at least these places have great food…

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