Midtown Lunch Readers’ Poll: Best Falafel

I’m out of town until January 7th, so until then I’m turning over the site to you for the First Annual Midtown Lunch Readers Poll, to determine the best that Midtown lunch’ing has to offer. You can only vote once, so choose wisely. Links to info about most of the nominees can be found on the “Restaurant Index” page. Feel free to write in votes in the comments section. Official winners will be posted to the site on January 9th.


  • Unfortunately, the best is not included on this list. Also, unless I’m mistaken, these are all Israeli style, which means stuffed into a pita with 6 bites of lettuce before you get to the falafel. ELLYSSA, on 9th ave, between 48th and 49th has better Falafel than local-legend Azuri and does it Egyptian style. Their falafel is from much richer fava beans and not chickpeas. It’s also cooked to order in grease they actually change from time to time. Egyptian/Lebanese style means the falafel is rolled and not stuffed so one gets a bite of everything each time. The tahini is also top notch. I’ve only had falafel there that was perfectly crunchy on the outside and richly smooth on the inside. It is so, so tasty. Ellyssa has falafel with actual taste involved. I’ve been meaning to tell you, Zach, about this place for a while.

  • Can we stop voting and have some bloody reviews and pictures.

    Thank you.

  • Brad – I’m not sure if you mean that “Egyptian style” is simply a more considerate manner of arranging the food or if it refers to Egyptian cuisine in general. If the latter, Egyptian cuisine is known to be among the worst in the middle east. I know several Egyptian chefs and restaurateurs who don’t even dispute this (not publicly however!). Lebanese is known to be the best.
    My ratings, a a self-proclaimed falafel expert who has been eating the stuff since 4 years old: House of Pita and Olympic Pita have excellent falafel; Bread & Olives – very good to excellent falafel. Kosher Deluxe – good; Moshe’s tastes good but it’s all breading; Kwik Meal falafel is a joke and I’m deeply disturbed and saddened that people think it worthy of consideration. Never had pick a pita.
    That is all.

  • Azuri all the way!!!

  • Azuri by far

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