Midtown Lunch Readers’ Poll: Best Take Out Indian

I’m out of town until January 7th, so until then I’m turning over the site to you for the First Annual Midtown Lunch Readers Poll, to determine the best that Midtown lunch’ing has to offer.  You can only vote once, so choose wisely.  Links to info about most of the nominees can be found on the “Restaurant Index“ page.  Feel free to write in votes in the comments section.  Official winners will be posted to the site on January 9th.


  • Utsav’s food is the best of the guys you mention, though i consider that more of an eat in place. Perhaps I should reconsider. I ended up voting for Maharaja.

    BTW, one other place you might want to try for Indian takeout is a little hole in the wall place on 44th between Lex and 3rd (closer to 3rd) next to the Chipotle. Its called Grill 44. I had a combo of Saag and Chicken Tikka Masala from there and it was very comporable to Maharaja and Joy. Good portion size too- you get a vegetable, a meat, rice and Naan for like $7.95 I believe. They also do middle eastern food there, but I’ve never tried it.

  • I have to give props to my fave (Tiffin Wallah), as well. Particularly if you prefer completely veggie fair, Tiffin Wallah is the best deal for Indian lunch in Midtown. Whether you are eating in or out lunch is only $6.00.

  • Great idea, Zack! Are you going to make up certificates to hand out to the winners? I guess you can call these the “Middies,” right? Or perhaps the “Midtowners?”

  • Sarah, how about calling them the “M’unchies?”

    Or maybe the “Midluns?”

  • The ‘MILF’s’

    Midtowner Id Like to Feed.

    What ya mean ya thought something else? :)

  • Newsstand Indian is on 6th, not 7th.

  • Grill 44 Middle Eastern food is pretty solid although the portions are a bit small and the price a little too high in my opinion. Didn’t know they did Indian I may have to check it out.

  • Tiffin Wallah is one of the best overall less expensive Indian restos in NYC, but outside of Midtown Lunch boundaries.

  • Just to let you all know, my co-worker got food from the Indian Food Cart on 53rd and Park and there was a huge waterbug in the food. It was mixed in with the veggies. Just a friendly PSA.

  • My write-in has to be Bombay Grill on Lex between 39th and 40th. Great lunch prices and a ton of high-quality food.

  • I always get Bombay Grill’s vaguely overpriced dinner special delivered (and it went up 2 bucks, the bastards!), but have yet to try the seriously great deal with their lunch.

    I’m voting for Kati Roll because 1)it’s good and 2)I am incapable of going past 6th Ave or above 42nd for food due to extreme laziness.

  • Yeah Bombay Grill raised their prices to pay for their new sign up front. Actually I dunno if they changed management cause the food went up in quality a little bit. The nan there is phenomenal.

  • I did notice the shiny new sign, as well as a general change to the items on their menu, but failed to make the connection between the two. Duh. Must agree on their nan. I love it.

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