Midtown Lunch Readers’ Poll: Best Hamburger

I’m out of town until January 7th, so until then I’m turning over the site to you for the First Annual Midtown Lunch Readers Poll, to determine the best that Midtown lunch’ing has to offer. You can only vote once, so choose wisely. Links to info about most of the nominees can be found on the “Restaurant Index” page. Feel free to write in votes in the comments section. Official winners will be posted to the site on January 9th.


  • Shocked 5 Guys is getting so much love. I can’t think of one redeeming thing – the value, the meat, the wait, the hype..

  • Burger Joint. I haven’t tried the Manhattan 5 guys, though the Hackensack, NJ one would run close 2nd. Though I have not tried Pop Burger yet or the Carnegie Johns. Blarney Stone is a nice Burger, but there are several pubs in the area that serve a similarly good burger. The most unique one in the are is Patrick Conway’s near Grand Central- they’ve got a Burger that’s mixed with Worchestechire (sp?) and topped with pepper jack. It’s pretty delicious, but over $10 if I recall.

  • Why is Island Burger not in this poll?

  • I would definitely consider Burgers & Cupcakes (9th between 35th and 36th) burger. I know they slumped a bit when they switched the name, but they’re back to the original high quality.

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