2007 Lunching in One Gigantic Photo

Well, with only 3 Midtown Lunch’ing days left in 2007 (weekends and holidays don’t count, since I’m not at work), it’s time for my favorite post of the year. Some of you may find it awe inspiring, while others might be shocked. Some will find it mouth watering, and my wife just thinks it’s revolting (but secretly I know she’s proud). I find it all of those things. It’s fun to look back at everything you ate for lunch in an entire year. Fun and terrifying.

Midtown Lunch 2007, as one gigantic photo, after the jump…

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  • This is a good spot, but I would like to post to all on the other side of the usa to beware when you visit Hawaii. Many posts rave about the shrimp trucks on the north shore of Oahu. They are infested with vermin and crawely things. I know for a fact that they are unclean. Just to let you know.

  • Comment of the year. Apparently Rudy has a cousin in Hawaii.

  • wow. when you put it that way, we all look like some really sick people, in need of serious professional help…

  • Saw a Yahoo! article about this blog! WOW.


  • how have you not had a heart attack this year…..ur metabolism is one to be admired

  • I hope Lipitor is part of your diet as well.

  • Great record of Manhattan lunches. One question? How much did you spend this year?
    I often bring lunch from home, sadly, would not be terribly photogenic.

    Carry on.

  • I did the same thing in 2001, but for everything I ate (not just lunch)


    There are a couple of people that have done also that, and I tell you, after Dec 31, it was a great relief not having to take a camera everywhere!

    And, I changed my diet after that!

  • You rock man! Your evident passion, consistent delivery and engaging way of sharing it has been a great resource for us all this entire year, thanks!

  • soooooooooooo jugdemental aint ya..Zach is living the lunch dream……..you guys go back to ya wheatgrass and tofu..leave REAL food to food heros,like zach….and my friday breakfast.

    p.s. Merrill Lynch/HSBC NY now uses ya tips for lunch.

    p.p.s well, the ones i talk to anyway.

    p.p.p.s. she did look like liv tyler ya know.

  • Wow, this site is cool with delicious foods photos.. Thanks… for all


  • sweet liv tyler callback!!

    (i was hoping there’d be one more in ’07)

  • Great site… you got some good pr via the Associated Press too!

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