At Lunch Now: Qdoba on 53rd St. is Open

The Qdoba on 53rd St. & 3rd Ave. opened for business yesterday.  Chipotle, you were forewarned.  Let the McBurrito wars begin!

There are two other Qdobas in New York City (one on 34th btw. 2+3rd), but according to the NY Sun the new one is the first to actually be owned by the parent company (the other two are franchises).  Full report coming soon…


  • Chipotle doesnt need to be scared. Qdoba isnt as good by a long shot.

  • Went today. I had to see what all the fuss was about. I had the 3 queso chicken burrito. It tastes like another chipotle but with different sauce. It’s really not that special. Although I will say that the line did move fast although it was insanely crowded.

  • I went yesterday and had the chicken taco salad. The chicken wasn’t as good as Chipotle and the salsa leaves much to be desired. It may be fresh, but I don’t see myself taking the trip from 5th Avenue to 3rd Avenue again.

  • Qdoba doesn’t cut it. Chipotle is ok but it’s still “corporate Mexican food”. BTW, the best corporate Mexican Food is the Green Cactus in Long Island.

  • Though I’m tempted to bash qdoba to keep the line down … it is vastly superior to chipotle. qdoba’s ingredients are fresh and tasty; chipotle’s seem watery and bland.

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