The “New” House of Pita Celebrates their Grand Opening, By Closing

Not even open long enough to take down their Grand Opening sign, the newer House of Pita , on 46th btw. 5+6th has closed down. The original House of Pita location, a window on 48th btw. 5+6th, closed down a little over a month ago , 5 months after the owners opened the newer, larger location just two blocks away. I had always assumed that closing the 48th St. window was the plan all along, but now that the larger location has closed, I’m not so sure. One thing is for sure, restaurants looking to expand their already successful Midtown businesses should take notice.

According to Kosher-NY, the owner “hopes to open a new Fleishig restaurant in another location, [but] nothing specific is in the works as of yet”. Need a replacement falafel? Kosher Deluxe , Moshe’s , The Kwik Meal Cart & Bread & Olive are all within walking distance.


  • This is disappointing. I thought the $7.45 falafel platter with 3 sides was a pretty good deal.

    A couple of months ago, I noticed that the new location was closed for several days without reason. Maybe that was an indication…

  • HoP was my go to place for a falafel and blintze fix. Disappointing. Kosher Deluxe and Bread & Olive are edible, but I don’t think their falafel is anywhere near as good. Drat, double drat, triple drat!

  • This is one part shame, and one part just desserts.

    HoP’s falafel was, by far, the best in at least an 8 block radius, with only Olympic Pita a real challenger.

    However, HoP was so stingy that I think they got what they deserved. Only THREE falafel balls in a pita. Only Israeli salad with your 3 falafels – any other salad and you pay extra. It was a poor way to run a business.

  • i used to work on 46th and 5th and i went in here a couple times. every single time they had an incredible amount of trouble getting the simplest order right (please add broccoli to a pizza etc). the place always felt very, very disorganized, and the service was extremely poor as a result.

    the food was decent.

  • hello? No love for Pick A Pita on 38th? They have pretty good falafel

  • You are absolutely correct about Pick-a-Pita… but it was just meant to be a list of replacements in the immediate vicinity.

  • Moshe’s is godawful.

  • Noooooooooooo! I trek there about once a month from Grand Central area for falafel with the spicy pickles! Where can I get my spicy pickle fix now?!

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