Celebrate the Festival of Lights With The Best Potato Pancakes in Midtown

The first night of Chanukah is tomorrow night, and with the Stage & Carnegie Delis fighting each other over who can more effectively gouge stupid tourists, you have to travel a little farther off the beaten path if you want potato pancakes at Midtown Lunch approved prices.  Here are my picks…

1.  The Diamond Dairy (4 W. 47th St.) – Still the undisputed king of Chanukah time, this truly hidden gem (pun entirely intended) serves up a good plate of potato pancakes year round, in the back mezzanine of one of the jewelry stores on 47th btw. 5+6th.  And at 2 for $6, and 3 for $8, they are a steal.  Just make sure you write down the address, or else you’ll never find it.

2. Cafe Edison (47th btw. B’way+8th) – Surprisingly, this old school deli doesn’t serve latkes year round- but starting tomorrow night this Midtown institution offers them as a special for the 8 days of Chanukah.  They haven’t set a price yet, but they assured me it will be under $10. 

3.  Sarge’s (3rd Ave. btw. 36+37th) – Unfortunately Sarge’s amazing list of sandwiches are too expensive for Midtown Lunch’ing purposes, but the super thick potato pancakes at this Midtown East establishment, come in at just under $10 ($8.95).  This kid seems to be enjoying them!

And finally, the cheapest (and most shocking) potato pancakes in Midtown, after the jump…

I don’t normally write about snacks (especially ones purchased in generic Midtown delis), but I could resist picking up a pack of these as soon as I saw them at the Smiler’s on 48th & 7th…

They say “No artificial colors, preservatives or flavors”, but it doesn’t seem possible.  Latke crips just seem… unnatural. 

Frightened as I was, I tried them- and amazingly, even without applesauce and sour cream, they tasted just like potato pancakes!  A Chanukah miracle! 


  • those latkes from sarge’s look huge, unnatural even.

    am i the only one who thinks 3 latkes for $8 is a lot?

  • no.

  • YES!! I tried those Latke Crisps as well. They were giving samples at Whole Foods. I’d never think of buying them, but after one sample I bought a bag and was hooked. They are delicious, and my Bubbi would be proud :-D

  • The latkes from Sarge’s are humongous. Like the size of a hockey puck and almost as dense. They hit the spot for about a bite.

  • I demand latke recs in bryant park vicinity! Go!

  • Joshwa – I’d say Sarge’s is in bryant park vicinity.

  • Joshwa – do you really not consider 47th between 5th and 6th close enough to Bryant Park? my office is on BP and if i didnt walk at least that far, i wouldn’t eat at half the places i go to

  • I’m really at 40/bway. In this weather I don’t like to walk that far! My daily trek to E 41st street is going to get mighty difficult for the winter!

    I recall the latkes at Ben’s being decent, but pricey.

  • Report: $3.29 for a decently big latke from Ben’s Deli. Two of these is not a bad meal for $7.13 incl. tax.


  • I will be packing in my fiance’s and mother’s homemade potato latkes to work. Why on earth would anyone spend $8 for 3? It is a shanda!

  • You can get 3 latkes for something like $4 at Mendy’s on 34th and Park.

  • just had 2 latkes and 2 blintzes for $11.95 at Diamond Dairy – maybe not worth it for the food, but the ambiance is hysterical! was really fun place to eat lunch.

  • I assume that there is only one more night left to get latkes at Cafe Edison. I tried them last night and they were pretty tasty. A plate of 5 medium-sized latkes for $5.50.

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