At Lunch Now: The Jamaican Dutchy is Back!

After a one month “process” of securing a new license for their cart, The Jamaican Dutchy has returned to 51st St. & 7th Ave.  And not a moment too soon (it’s getting freaking cold).  A new line of hot soups, potato pudding and a complete breakfast menu has been added to the old standby lunchtime favorites, like jerk chicken, sweet and sour chicken, oxtails, and curry goat. 

It’s a two year license, so they won’t be going anywhere for awhile.  And for all you weekend warriors, having the Dutchy open on Saturday is in the works…


  • i am sooooo excited! we have a direct view of that corner from my office building, and every day for the past month i’ve retained hope of their return. the curry chicken and beef patties today were off tha chain. can’t wait to hit up the breakfast line for some plantain porridge next week!!

  • Cant think of anything better than sitting in a near-by park and eating goat curry with a plastic fork.’Tis what shopping NY is all about.

    That and the friendly locals.

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