Prediction: Not a single one of these sandwiches will be sold today…

The H1 at Lenny’s.  Fresh oven roasted turkey, with stuffing, cranberry sauce & turkey gravy.

Another sandwich that probably won’t see much action today, after the jump…

The latest “limited time only” sandwich from Cosi. 

Both look good, just not today.


  • The thought of eating another thanksgiving meal makes my stomach churn

  • I had an Italian Thanksgiving with my family (pasta fagioli, chicken parm, lasagna and brocolli rabe), so I very well may be the only one who would order something like this, perhaps only hampered by the thought that these sandwiches are made with leftover turkey from last week…

  • Glad you posted that pic as i said before that lennys h1 is one good sandwich!!But yeah may take a day or two before i can look at that again:)

  • I may get that Lenny’s H1 when I go back to work on Thursday. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Both would’ve looked good a week ago as I prepared myself for the long haul… but right now they both make me nauseous. Can they bring this back in early March?

  • Looks lovely.

    If you of payed your taxes in 1776 you’d only have turkey @ xmas.

    So your post thanksgiving cold turkey is down to tax evasion.

    Anyway, goose is mucho nicer’er.

  • I might pick up one or the other tomorrow. Seriously. They look good, and I regretfully missed T-day dinner in Boston, so I am not “turkeyed out” at all. Had a shackstack burger for Thanksgiving tho (Friday) and there was no line at all!

  • There’s a $2 off a Cosi sandwich coupon in the AM paper today!
    I didn’t have a traditional turkey dinner, so I want one.

    $2 dollars off people!!

  • I could pretty much eat roast turkey once a week, especially if it’s good turkey. You peeps are crazy.


    I just had an H1 (Hero – don’t be wimpy) from Lenny’s and it’s awesome – although it could use a little green-bean-cassarole mixed into it. Awww yeah!


  • Just came back from having the Cosi turkey sandwich.
    It was ok, not as much flavor as homemade. Turkey was a little bland. On the upside, it was big and I was stuffed!
    Have to try lenny’s next!
    time for a nap……Zzzzzz

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