Found! Tibetan Cart returning to Midtown in a few weeks‏

A few weeks ago I put out an APB for a Tibetan Cart that had popped up one day on 50th St. btw. 6+7th, only to disappear the next day. Thanks to the ML commenting faithful, the “Shangrila Express” was discovered in Jackson Heights, and since then has been mentioned in the NY Times and yesterday was given the full write up by Gothamist- but with no mention of why it was in Midtown that one day, or whether or not it would ever return.

Well, thanks to Joe at Gothamist, I got in touch with Dorjee from the Shangrila Express last night, and he confirmed that while the cart intends to be in Jackson Heights every night for dinner, it will soon be spending lunchtime in Midtown! They are still searching for the best spot, and plan on settling somewhere within the next two weeks.  They’re hoping to set up on Park Ave, but haven’t ruled out 5th Ave or Broadway. As soon as they set up shop, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, let Joe’s photos of momos and “Tibetan Beef Patties” get you pumped…

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