At Lunch Now: The Tree Is Up

T-Minus zero minutes until lunchtime around Rockefeller Center becomes


  • Won’t be lit until the 28th though…so you have some time =)

  • I was going to go shopping there today. Dodged a bullet!

  • It’s already awful. utilize not so secret undergound tunnels

  • Ugh, my two-month nightmare begins.

    I am cursing the fact that my building at 51st and 6th isn’t part of the underground tunnel network.

  • My wife does not own a laser hair removal practice.

  • $2.14(bank rate) to the £.

    Lunch is on me in December.

  • Where you taking us, Rudy? I do not patronize laser hair removal. Because I am a dirty hippie.

  • That’s funny, Kate. My building at 51st and 6th supposedly IS connected to the underground system. They’ve just blocked off the connection for “security reasons.”

    Or so I’m told. I’ve never figured out exactly where the connection would be.

  • im taking us to shakeshack,hairy or not.

  • ‘ nice weekend everyone………….except french super hero’s.

  • I work in 30 rock. Trust me, it is unbearable already. I had trouble leaving the building yesterday to get lunch. The streets are packed.
    I am glad the economy is doing so well that tourism booming though. Gotta love heavy disposable income! Bring yer dollars to our city everyone!

  • The tree cam from my hometown of Shelton, CT!

  • Even the “Not so secret” tunnels will become gridlocked… Last year at Thanksgiving week had to wait 45 minutes for lunch because the kids from some Southern State marching band couldn’t get their collective heads around the Philly Cheesesteak…

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