Obligatory Halloween Post: Scariest Midtown Lunch

Scary is a very relative term.  I’ve eaten alot of things since I started this blog that some would classify as scary.  A lot of people seemed geniunely frightened by my “Most Offal Midtown Lunches” list, and I’m sure a lot of those same people would be scared to eat octopus salad or anything off a cart.   There was also that Banana Sushi Roll from Bagelfeller- which coincidentally enough, I heard was going to be used in “Saw 4″, but it was just too horrific.

Well the other day, I saw a sign for something that even I wouldn’t eat…


That’s right.  Chili Dogs.  Surprised?  You shouldn’t be.  I love hot dogs (how could you not?).  I like chili.  And I certainly don’t mind the so-called “dirty water dog” (it’s a Midtown institution).  But there is something about geting chili off a Midtown hot dog vendor that just doesn’t seem right.  Texas Chili from the Daisy May’s BBQ is one thing.  Chili off a standard NYC hot dog cart, er… I didn’t think I had any limits to what I would eat, but this discovery might test that notion.

Clearly they can’t be that popular, since this guy stopped selling them (as indicated by the piece of black tape in the photo), but I know they exist.  I saw a sign for one earlier in the week, but can’t for the life of me remember where.  Maybe it’s better of that way.  Anybody tried one of these chili dogs?  Commenting will prove that you lived to tell about it…


  • I once had to pick up a client @ London Heathrow.I’d missed lunch battling my my to the airport so I ordered from a concourse SUBWAY a black forrest ham and salad sub….one bite into it i look down and see what can only be described as a jurasic era caterpilla that id just biten in half wiggling in it’s death throws.To make matters worse the other half was doing the same in my mouth.Said mouthful was then spat halfway across this evil fucking fanchize.

    Never NEVER NEVER again.

  • There’s a guy with a cart on 41st and 5th that sells Chili Dogs I think. I was tempted. Maybe one day.

  • He crossed out the “chili” so it looks like he’s selling “Dog.”
    $2 may be a bargain for dog, but I definitely would not eat Snoopy.

  • I eat Flipper for dinner; Snoopy for desert.

  • My scariest lunch was at a Chinese restaurant across the street from the BU Law Skool. My rice came out in a bowl and usually I eat it from the bowl, Chinese style. This ONCE, though, I turned the bowl onto a plate and there right on the crown of the pearlescent rice was a big, boiled COCKROACH.

    I think the Godthing was feeling sorry for the other worst lunch experience when I discovered, halfway through my plate of stir-fried noodles at a Seattle Vietnamese restaurant, a bandaid in my stir-fry.

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