At Lunch Now: Five Guys Opening in One Week

Vows have been made. Strong words were used. Things like “guaranteed”
and “I promise” were spoken aloud.

Five Guys Midtown on 55th btw 5+6th will open next Friday, one week from
today. I will see you there. If it’s not open, I will be the fat guy,
sobbing quietly on the curb in front of the store…


  • This place better be worth it. My family in Jersey says the burgers are Ok, but the fries are awesome.

    p.s. Uncategorized? Burger this post up!

  • If you want a really good burger in midtown take yourself to the burger bar at the Beacon restaurant. It’s a little out of the midtown lunch price range (12.95, if I remember right) but it comes with fries and all the home made bread and butter pickles you can eat. I think there’s a mini-burger option under 10 bucks as well. It’s one of the best burgers I’ve ever had-well worth the splurge.

  • Im taking the present Mrs McBagel shopping in NY in early December.I shall leave her to rectify the balance of trade and I will endulge.

    Will it be better than shakeshack ?no.But i wont have to wait an hour either :)

  • Rudy: go to Burger Joint – worth the trip even from the UK.

  • I’d think just about everything edible is worth a trip from the UK.

    But Shake Shack beats the Burger Joint with a stick.

  • I don’t think Shake Shack is still open in December, is it? If it is and you decide to go please note carefully the exact day and time this will occur. I work 4 blocks from there and will stake out the place with my binoculars on the look out for Brits.

  • Jane, to paraphrase robin williams; ‘ just how anal did the founding fathers have to be to be thrown outa england…………’

  • Sarah, i’ll be the one being questioned by the police for saying good morning to people :)

  • Rudy McBagel is coming to America? Awesomeness. Zach, we’d better get a profile this time… in fact, I reccomend turning the site over to him for the week.

  • He shall find his Queen… in Queens. Ahhhhh Get it? Coming To America? Get it? Oye.

  • I agree – I am down for having lunch with Senor Bialy.

  • I walked past Five guys and it’s still not open….c’mon!

  • meet you guys there tomorrow at 10:56 am, just in case there is a line….

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